How to Install & Play Flappy Bird Game in Blogger Blogs

Everyone of us will love to play games in our gadgets. Games are having no ends which will growing in technology, graphics and more. Most of the games are having high graphic properties but some games are not that. Flappy Birds is the best example for this case. If your mobile are not having great graphical feature then you can try out this game. It’s not having high graphic quality or any gameplay stories. But this game came over the top by smashing all big game developer back to it! So what to say about it? So give an try for it on your mobile! Now it’s not the matter that we’re going to discuss.

How to Install Flappy Bird Game in Blogger Blogs

Today in this post I’ll going to share about Installing Flappy Bird Game in your Blog/Website. You might scratch your head, whether I’m kiding you or not! It’s true, you can install the awesome on your blogger blogs and you can play online for free. So the Game is converted into a Blogger Widget. While users are visiting your blog they like to play this game that too in big screen means they fell so happy! Okay I come to the point, I’ll show you How to add/Install Flappy Bird Game in Blogger?

Installing it on your blog just takes 1 minute! Are you ready to join me? If yes, come let’s work together….

Installing Flappy Bird Game in Blogger/Website

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Create Post/Page/Anything.

Step 2: Add some content over that page as you like and click the HTML button found over the top left of your content editor.

Step 3: Now just paste the below code in that box,

<iframe style=”width: 775px; height: 810px; border: 0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=””></iframe>

Step 4: Then Publish your post/page.

Note : Here we’re using iFrame technique so you will be shown advertisements attached to this game on the right. So if you refresh the ads the ads will be gone.

How was it? How much time does it takes? Less than 1 minutes? I’ve added a live demo at the last part of this article. Just play flappy bird for few minutes and share your thoughts in comments below! Have some fun:)

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