How To Play YouTube Videos In VLC Media Player

The growth in media has developed well. Media plays a vital role in all things especially when we look over PC and other techy gadgets. Listening to music, watching movies all needs a good media player for your device. For that I prefer the best Media Tool called as VLC Player. There won’t be any need to discuss about VLC Media Player. VLC player got the best feature as like other multimedia players got. VLC media player got the ability to support all types of video format files which is basically a rich, high quality media player. And the best thing will on it’s availability. Yes, VLC Media Player is available for free of cost! And this tool will support all major platforms such as Windows, MAC, Linux and even on mobile platform like Android and Windows. So now what’s the matter?


This post will on another tweak about using VLC Media Player as YouTube Videos player. Quite Interesting? It may be, but not sure about it! Let me tell more about this tweak in upcoming sections. As I mentioned above, VLC player support all major format files and it got superb user interface. Anyhow making them more useful is in our hands. Like this new trick about VLC 😀

Here I’ll show you how to play YouTube videos in VLC Player in one click? This tweak will help you to play single youtube video and even you can create a separate playlist in VLC Media Player. Performing this tweak is very simple and easy. If you love VLC player more then you can give a try on it and this can be done without any issues. Do you wanna to check it how? Let’s start our tutorial!

How To Play YouTube Videos In VLC Media Player?

Step 1: Run your VLC Media Player in your device.

Step 2: Now just click on Media Option in the top Menu Bar.

Step 3: Then select Open Network Stream option and go ahead.


Step 4: In the next box, just paste your desired Youtube video URL which you like to play it in VLC Media Player. Once you entered just click the Play button and enjoy! That’s it!


So, what you think about this tweak, useful ah? I hope it will be more useful to you all! This will be a best hidden feature of VLC Media Player. And this one will be shared by many geeks online, but we try to share it again with your guys because we find many new ones here. If you got any doubts and quires then drop them below. We have executed this method without any issues, so hope you should have done without any issues. If so drop them, we try to fix it ASAP! If you feel this post helped you a lot, then click on the share button and share it with your friends via social media networking sites. See you soon with another interesting tutorial here! Still then stay tuned @triposoft 😀 Cheers 🙂

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