How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating – Solved Tips

Laptop is an best option for portable computing device. Now a days you’re getting Tablets gadgets, which will be the best alternative for Laptops. Laptops manufactures are doing some improvements in it’s products. Recently, I heard an news about the Solar Laptops. At this time it’s not available in shops. But, they have announed it’s features. Last month, I described about it’s specification. This was the World’s First Solar Powered Laptop. Either, Solar powered or battery powered laptops are facing one major problems i.e Overheat. This problem was faced by everyone who are using laptops.

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

Overheat, is nothing but your laptop will feel some hotness. This is due to the overuse or some other purpose the laptop processor gets more heated than the usual work. Due to overheat of Laptop, it will first damage your Motherboard and reduce it’s life time than the usual. So, you must avoid your laptop to overheat. Here, we’re going to discuss about the ways to prevent Laptops from Overheating. In my previous article, I have share the Possible way to Make Money Online. 

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

You may ask me whether it’s possible or not? Then, my answer will Yes! Now, in this article, I’ll share the Possible Way to Prevent your Laptop from Overheating. Here, below I have listed some simple tips to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Best way to Prevent Laptop from Overheating

Don’t do work on your Laptop for Long Time 

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

This is the best way to prevent your laptops from Overheating. In pratical life, we won’t heat any food items for long time. If we do so, then we can’t eat it. Like wise, reduce your working time in your laptop. If you don’t so so, then your laptop may get Overheat issues. And this will shutdown and restarts your laptop automatically. By happening like this, you may loss your unsaved data files. So, my adivice is to Shutdown your laptop, if you feel that your laptop gets overheated. This will work better for cooling down your laptops overheat easily.

Maintenance of Laptop Battery

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

Like the above point, this battery section is also so important to reduce your overheating of your laptop. Actually, Laptop is running with the help of Battery. We’ll charge those batteryies with AC current. While you use your laptop for long time then you must need a fully charged battery. So you will, just plug the adaptoer and start charging your laptop battery and you will work sideby on your laptop. You may not notice that your battery is fully charged. This will allows the overheat to enter into your laptop. So you should not run your laptop on ac supply if the battery is already charged fully. My best advice is to just unplug the power charger if your laptop battery is fully charged.

Don’t close Air vents in Laptops

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

You can find ventilation fan in your PC. Likewise, every laptop has air vents. This will help to send the hot air from laptop to outside and make your laptop cool. But if you block the air vents then it will results in Overheating. So, don’t block the way of Air Ventilation. This will prevent the damage for processor and the hard drive of laptop. So leave those vents to blow the hot airs from inside to outside.

Try to use your laptops on beds, blankets!

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

Try to use your laptops on cloth things like beds, blanket and more. These things may block the vents of your laptops and results in overheating. The best way to use your laptop is, just put a folded paper underneath the air vent to maintain the flow of air otherwise use the laptop cooler pad. Laptop Cooler Pads are available in shops. This will reduced your laptops overheat.

Use a Cooler Mat

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating - Solved Tips

This is the best and the easiest way to reduce and to prevent your laptops overheating. But, for following this step you need to spend some of your pocket money. Actually, Cooler Pads will cost about Rs 1000. This is the only unluckiest thing. So only I added this step last in my list. This will surely prevent overheating of your laptop. So try it!

So these are easiest possible ways which you can use in your daily life to prevent from laptop overheating. Hope this article will be useful for you. Kindly share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. If you find, that I have missed any points then leave those points in comment below.

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