Quick Guide: Introduction to Dedicated Hosting

When you start planning for a website, your hosting option will be an important decision you will have to make. There are different options out there with their own benefits, but dedicated Relate host is an option that may be the best. If you are green about this, then read on and you will have enough information to make the decision.

What is a Dedicated Host

The definition is in the name, it is a physical server to which your website has exclusive use, you do not have to share it with anyone. Unlike shared hosting where several websites are hosted on a single server or virtual hosting where you are hosted on the cloud, dedicated Relate host provides physical control of your websites home. It often has the following features:

– More storage space

– Faster server speeds

– Better security

– Private control of the server

Types of Dedicated Servers

When you decide to have a dedicated server, you will then have to choose what type you would like to have. Basically, there are two types to choose from and these are:

Managed Server

With this type, the hosting company will give you a private server but they will provide all the technical support you will need. They will be responsible for ensuring the server is well maintained, security threats are dealt with and generally, your website is up and running as it should be.

This usually frees the website owner from the responsibility of running the server so that they can focus on their website. Many companies opt for this arrangement

Unmanaged Server

Here, your website host provides you with a server and you will take on all the responsibility for running it. This is an option for companies that have their own technical staff who know a lot about running servers. They would be responsible for setting up backups, neutralizing security threats, maintenance and everything that comes with running a server.

If you are reading this article because you need to be guided about servers, then it is best to choose the managed option.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Knowing the benefits of dedicated servers can help you make a conclusive decision whether you should take up this hosting option. Here are some of the key benefits.

Control: Since the server is dedicated to your website, you do not need to worry about other websites when you decide to use the server in a particular way. Many times people on shared servers are restricted by the fact that their actions may affect other websites, for example, too much traffic could lead to the server crashing and affecting other websites.

Faster Speeds: When you are the only website on that server, loading speeds are going to be a lot faster. If you are running a site that needs to have fast loading speeds to keep visitors on the site, then a dedicated host would be just perfect.

Security: Having your own server means fewer security threats. Quite often websites can be affected by viruses that gain access through another site that is sharing the server. Also, you do not have to worry about being blacklisted as a result of faults with the server caused by another site. You are responsible for your security and you can be as vigilant as you see fit.

Ample Storage: Dedicated servers usually receive more storage space than shared ones. Grunted, you will be paying more, but it is worth it if you have several files to store. You can be availed with as much as 2 terabytes of storage.

Who Should get a Dedicated Server

Now you know the benefits of dedicated servers, but you may still wonder whether it is for you. Well here is a guide to decide if you should go in for it.

The first question you should ask is can you afford it? Having your own server naturally will come at a considerably higher cost than if you were sharing it. If you have the budget for it, then go right ahead, after all the benefits are worth it.

The next consideration is whether your business will benefit from it. In most cases, e-commerce websites will find it beneficial since they have large amounts of traffic and they need to be up and running all the time so having more control over their server is important. It is not just e-commerce sites, but any site that has a lot of traffic and needs to be up and running all the time.

If you worry about security threats because your business has highly sensitive data like financial institutions that have credit card information and other personal data, it is best to have your own server that you can ensure strict security measures.


It is important that you shop around for the best dedicated hosting package before you settle for one. Different website hosts offer different packages and with different benefits. Take the time to research and then choose the best offer.




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