5 Types of Blog Content you Should Write to Impress Readers

Blogging is all about writing but not just writing specially if you are running a blog for business purposes. Writing a content can be tricky sometimes cause you don’t know if people will actually read it or if it is worth reading. The true verdict of your blog content comes after you hit the PUBLISH button. Onward, you will find out if people actually like it and think that it is worth sharing to other people through their social media accounts.

Readers' Engagement: 5 Types of Blog Content You Should Write

Now, the question you should address and find the answer is: what kind of blog content should I write in order to engage the readers and gain wide following? Below are types of blog content that can help you in gaining followers, readers as well as traffic:

How-to/tutorial posts

The most popular blog content. It’s undeniably that this type of post brings the most value to the readers. Readers who seek after this type of post is expecting to gain specific information regarding a specific topic. They are mostly after the tutorials on how to do things like: How to Write Essays Effectively or Steps to Healthy Living. This post works well if you add an image or video.


Most of the time, a product review receives a pretty attention. But anything is acceptable. Whether your write a film review, a new release of music record, a novel or even a restaurant.  Why is it popular? Because people are looking for something that help them decide to purchase or pursue something. For example, if you want to know if The Wolf of Wall Street (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) is worth your money, you will consult Imdb.com or Rottentomatoes.com for review.


This type of post is easy to grab the readers’ attention. What more it makes popular is when you write an interview about a celebrity or politician. It’s more intriguing to the readers.

Rants on something

If you got any peeve on something, you can write about it. You can use the blog to express your anger, frustrations or even sadness over things. Make it a thoughtful one and avoid nasty language or name-calling that might offend the readers. Though you’re angry, be respectful on your blog content. I’m recommending thoughtcatalog.com for this type of blog content.

List type

The blog content is quantifiable just like this post. Meaning, you can actually count the content. This type of post is attractive to the readers because they can the information in a quick glance. It also work well when you add an image or video. Maybe the readers are interested to Top 10 Movies of All Time or 20 Beautiful Places to Visit in 2014.

You have an idea what type of blog content you are going to write. Now, log in to your blog site and start gaining followers and readers.

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Lisa Monica Parker, a college student who loves to write anything under the sun. She manages her time between academic work and writing for www.superiorpapers.com. She likes to visit different coffee shops and do her readings there.

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