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Have you ever wondered, “I should have recorded that phone call”? Either necessary or not, phone call recording can be useful sometimes. In the past, recording your iPhone calls was a painful and tedious task, as iOS apps are not allowed to interact with signals. To record phone calls, you usually had to use external microphone and record the conversation by putting iPhone on speaker. Since release of new iOS and OS X, recording calls is somehow easy and stable. Now you can record high quality iPhone calls directly to Mac, without use of external device or setup.



  • In order to record your iPhone calls on Mac you should update it to latest OS X Yosemite and your phone to iOS 8.1.x.
  • Also make sure that the continuity and handoff features are enabled on both Mac and iPhone.
  • Now,you need to log in into both the Apple devices using a single Apple ID and the devices should be on the same network. (WiFi/Bluetooth)

The straight forward and most recommended way is to use app by Ecamm. It works with any Mac running OS X Yosemite with Continuity feature to record your iPhone calls with Call Recorder for FaceTime. (Paid/Trial also available)
As the name suggests, the Call Recorder for FaceTime allows user to record FaceTime conversations, but it is also capable of recording telephone conversations that have arrived on your Mac via Handoff.
Before we go ahead, remember that Telephone recording laws will vary from place to place, and it is usually considered polite behavior (if not legally required) to inform the person on the other end that you are about to record the call.
How to Record iPhone Calls on your Mac
FirstDownload and install Ecamm call recorder for Facetime Zip in your Mac.
After downloading Extract to unzip, and then double click on “Install Call recorder for FaceTime Demo”.
Then Start setup for Record iPhone calls on Mac with Yosemite Process by accepting agreement and TOS.
Now you can set preferences for this recorder like, Photo save to, Video frame size etc.
Make a video call from Facetime on saved contact list for target iPhone number, on which you want to call and record.
Also you can also record Phone call on your Mac using this way.
If you forgot to select record calls automatically, then you have to manually start and stop recording every time you call. After pressing the red button your call will be recorded unless you tap the cancel button. You will also see call timer duration during the recording of the call on the window.

You can easily view the recorded calls any time in you saved folder in Macbook any time. By default, your recordings will be saved inDocuments folder, in Saved Callsdirectory,although you can change this in Call Recorder’s settings screen.
There’s another app called Audio Hijack Pro by Rouge Amoeba that also does the same thing, but it’s more general purpose, and is able to record audio coming from any application like FaceTime, Skype, iTunes and so on. The app offers a free trial, and the full version costs $32.

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