Remove Write Protection Of Any Flash-Drive/Memory Cards

Welcome back guys, today we are here with one more trick by which you can easily remove write protection of any flash-drive/memory cards. I know many of you are here because you cannot move/copy your files or cannot format your flash drive. To regain your access to copy/move or format your files in flash drive, simply follow our steps.

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Remove Write Protection Of Any Flash-Drive/Memory Cards

Method 1

First of all, many people would be using disk drives having copy write buttons in right or left pane and it might be kept on the mode which makes the drive write protected. So to resolve this you might check your disk from both sides,i.e., right and left and put it on other mode which removes the write protection and check it once again, it the problems still comes or there not any other such button then follow our other methods to remove the write protection from your disk drive.

Method 2

At First, click on start button present on your screen or on keyboard and then select run from it or rather than this click your windows button(present on keyboard) + R. When run opens up type REGEDIT in it and wait untill registry editor opens.

Now navigate or search for this in registry editor


Note :  If the registry key StorageDevicePolicies does not exists then you might be required to create it.

You can download this file ADD.BAT from here, to install this key you might be required to double on the downloaded file and it will be automatically added to your registry file. 😛

Next, double click on the key WRITEPROTECT present in the right pane and set its value to 0 and click OK. Now restart your PC and re-insert the disk to check whether this method works for you or not.

If the above method also doesn’t works for you then you might go with our third method to remove write protection of a protected disk drive.

Method 3

Now, copy all the files from your write protected drive as now we are going to format the disk drive which means there will be no data left on your flash drive.

At first, you will be required to download Apacer formatting utility with which you will be formatting your flash drive to remove write protection from it.

When you download finishes move the folder to your desktop and unZip it and then double click on start.bat file and it will start formatting your pendrive and wait untill it finishes(wait untill the LED of your flash drive stops blinking.), now remove your pendrive and insert it again.

If Still there is a error somewhat indicating an write protction then try the last method to work with your write protected flash drive.

Now, open RUN by click on start menu and then selecting run or directly by clicking Start menu button + R from you keyboard. When run open up type cmd in it and let it be opened.

When CMD opens up type the following code into it.


Note : Change the letter E with the drive letter and then click enter

If you are still having errors in resolving the issue of write protection then you might contact your flash-drive or memory card company to replace or change it.

Thanks for giving US your precious time 😀

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