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Every home got it’s own tasks to do. The problem is to find the right home that suits your taste in staying in a good home. But the question is, is there anyone to do that for you? This problem of searching for a new home is mostly for the families who keep of transferring from one city to another city. These kinda families find it hard to search for a new home that suits their needs and taste. Because, it is all the strangers you will be encountering in any new city and you will possibly encounter the people who keep on misguiding you, though they don’t have such intention, it happens when they give a wrong direction without complete knowledge, so, it happens. This is the prime reason for a firm that started to help for people like you who are in search of a new home.


So, I’m here to present you the best option to find you a good home with the complete information. It would be so awesome for anyone if there is an application fit for your mobile that can help you to find the best home that suits your taste to live in. I’m going to share my view about a website that can do it for you with an application in mobile. By using this mobile application, you can search property for sale or you dream home whenever you want and wherever you with. You can do this just with a few clicks.

All About Housing Android App was actually started by a few IIT alumni and it gained lamelight within less time. With the good User Ineterface and with some good and attractive features, it is very easy to handle this app for searching of the house. This site became a hub for the one who are searching for a good home. In addition to that, came with a mind blowing Android Application to access easily for the search.

Get Your Dream Home In A Click Using This Housing Android App:

It might be very easy sometimes and difficult as well for anyone searching for their homes. This is where the usage of technology came in use. Here application provides you with the best home to do the job of finding home for you. Have a look.

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Here I’m listing out some of the best features of the application:

Flexible while searching:

The search for a house in this application is completely flexible because when you’re searching, you can see many options for the search like you can search with the rent desire, location, BKH, availability of minimum needs like water facilities, internet availability, price per person, availability of furnishing and much more that includes the basic needs.

Accuracy of Data:

One of the great features of android app is that the credibility is guaranteed to you while searching for a good home. For example, if you see any house on this application, then you can trust it easily. Because the data in the site won’t be updated easily without any research. You can make sure that you are not going into wrong hands, that’s for sure. So if you are searching for any house, you can easily  find a PG or hostel or anything easily with a good trust. Yes, this site is trust able.

Simple User Interface:

If you confuse while accessing any application, then it has a very bad user interface. It won’t happen in the case of Because, the User Interface of this site is designed in such a way that even a newbie in android can use this application with an ease to find his new home.

Here are a few screenshots to help you understand the same in steps:

Additional Support:

I can the support team of is one of their best features. Suppose if you find anything difficult, then you can write it for the authority, for which you will get a super fast reply from them solving the issue.

Our Word

Anyone will be disappointed if they don’t find a good home that suits their needs. It is really a big relief if we find anyone to do that for you and this is one such application that will help in finding the best house that suits you and your taste and give the best among the available. If you have this application, then just imagine that the property is in your pocket.

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