Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review And Features

Welcome back guys we are with the review of all new samsung galaxy s6 edge which is a new phone developed by samsung in last few days we got a lot of rumours of its launching and features plus some images leaked on google. So we decided to come up with its review and features to give you all a brief detail about the phone.

samsung Galaxy s6 edge review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Moreover talking about samsung galaxy s6 edge will be that its just like the samsung galaxy s6 but you all know that samsung is known for their features and design of their phone. So to make this phone a little unique samsung has made very small and rare changes which can be detected easily actually they are not changes but still can be called as changes.


samsung galazy s6 edge design

As usually samsung has given the same design for this samsung galaxy model don’t know why but it make the phones look precious and people madly buy them because of their build and design. moreover, from the name you can guess that this phone will be a little stylish 😛 i meant that from name you can suggest that this phone will be curved and have a sleek design which will make galaxy s6 edge precious than galaxy s6.


As always samsung’s TouchWiz make the phone’s screen flow like hands rubbing on a cube of butter. The scrren size of the samsung galaxy s6 is little hard to handle because of the edges present on its corner but anyways it makes the phone’s look different and pretty. To prevent Galaxy S6 samsung has given a gorilla glass for its support which will help to protect the phone if its fallen down from a height of 50 to 60m max.

Operating System OS

As usually samsung has powered this phone with android Lollipop (v5.0.2) with two different processors and speed and will launch two models of this phone soon in the markets. The models as per the rumors will be having these differences in processing speed and processors.

Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 


Samsung Glaxy S6 Edge has two cameras in it,i.e, primary and secondary cameras. Samsung has input a very powerful camera in this phone which can take pictures upto 16MP in 2988 x 5312 pixels and can also record video at a high frequency of 2160@30fps. The secondary camera is of 5MP which can take pictures upto 1080P (Full HD for normal android phones.) and you can also shoot videos at frequency of 1080p@30fps.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge overall is a very nice phone with good feature at less price with a brand trust but if you are just new to smartphones i would suggest you to first try smartphones marked with less price and good features which makes you comfortable and completes your need. Moreover if you love the trust of samsung and wanna purchase a high grade phone then you must go with samsung galaxy s6 edge because of its features and trust which completes the brand name and describes it well.

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