Samsung Galaxy S6 Review And Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review And Features

Samsung Galaxy S6

Welcome back guys we are here with a new post on samsung galaxy s6 review nd features.  As you all know that samsung has become very popular in some last years due its galaxy series and even getting more popular and sooner it might be at top in manufacturers. In some recent days we had a news for the launch of samsung galaxy s6. So we are with a review of samsung galaxy s6 to tell you the truth that you should buy it or not.

Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung s6 design

Samsung galaxy s6 has just come to market and is making a lot of positive feedback on it as the phone has features more than expected. Plus this time samsung has done a lot of work on its design if you properly see into the phone then you will notice some rare changes in its design like it is little curved, odd sized screen which makes the phone’s look more better. Besides its design the features of this phone are also good and you will surely love it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a very stylish phone having classic features, TouhWiz has been a great support for samsung galaxy s6 as it makes the touch like a smoothie. Rather than this phone has a screen of 5.1Inch with 2 different processors with 3 different type of internal storage(i mean type. 😛 ). The Variants are as follows :
1.Internal storage of 32/64/128 GB with 3 GB RAM and Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53
2.Internal storage of 32/64/128 GB with 3 GB RAM and Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A5
But in both the models of phone we cannot insert external storage which becomes a negative point for it. The phone has corning gorilla 4 which protects the screen of the phone if it by chance fallen down from a height of 50m(max).
Galaxy S6 also has finget print lock which is verified by paypal.
Samsung has provided a 16MP pure 2060p primary camera in which you can shoot images and record videos. It also have a 5MP full hd 1080p camera in front by which you can shoot images and videos at 30x.

samsung s6 camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a must phone for people those who love to purchase high rate phones with good features to express themselves in meeting or infront of their boss. Additionally this phone has a finger print function which enables us to open the phone with the registered finger print only. This phone design is just like apple’s iPhone and is also cheaper than it. 😛
We think that you should buy this phone because it is giving a lot of features in very less price and it also had a great design which makes you feel royal.

Note : We will update the links to buy galaxy s6 as soon as the phone is available in the indian markets

Final Verdict
We strongly recommend you to go for this phone as soon as it reaches the indian markets because it is a great phone by a great company in less price. Please do share and comment on our Samsung Galaxy S6 Reviews And Features. 😀

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