How to Select a CDN – Detailed Guide!

CDN (Content Network Delivery) systems deliver your content all over the web via proxy servers dispersed through various data centers. Their aim is to provide a fast and reliable service to the end users and businesses.

Basically, they copy the contents of the source server and distribute it to other servers which are installed in various regions so that your content is regulated far and wide without any issues.

If you run a business or a website that has a good amount of traffic, then you will have to buy the services of a CDN provider for maximum performance and security of your data. However, not every CDN provider will help you achieve better performance, there are certain factors involved that will lead you to selecting a better CDN.

You need to go for CDN prices comparison and other such comparisons to make sure you pick the best option.

How to Select a CDN - Detailed Guide!

Here’s how you can select a CDN:

Choose a CDN According To Your Bandwidth Requirement

The initial step to look for is knowing what your website’s bandwidth requirements are. Bandwidth is the amount of data being used on your website which includes streaming, downloading, uploading etc.

If your bandwidth needs are less than a 100GB then you won’t be needing the services of a CDN, however if your website experiences heavy traffic and heavy activities that result in consuming a lot of data (more than 100 GB’s) then a CDN provider is required.

After getting to know what your bandwidth requirement are, you can search for CDN providers that offer the amount of bandwidth your website needs.

It is very easy to check our bandwidth requirements, just see how much data is downloaded and uploaded from your site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and search accordingly.

Typically sites with heavy files, such as videos, audio files etc., have huge bandwidth requirements.

Know Where You’re Getting Traffic From

CDN providers do not work from a single location, they have their servers spreaded in various locations so that the service can be equally distributed among users in various locations. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you figure out where most of the traffic on your website comes from and once you do, find a CDN provider with servers located in that area.

For instance, if most of the traffic on your website is coming from Europe, then find a CDN provider who has a good number of servers in Europe. However, the servers should be well spread out as you will be getting traffic from other places as well, with Europe having a large concentration.

This way all the users will have a good experience without any delays.

Know Your Budget

It’s important that you choose a provider who is under your budget. Check out all available packages and pick one that you can easily afford. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees.

It is important to be careful when picking a CDN provider. Check reviews and do a good amount of research to be safe.

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    Hi Harshit, thanks for these tips on CDN. It is an eye opener for me ‘cos I do think about big sites like youtube and wonder how they manage all the videos on their site.


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