How To Send Files From Android Device To PC Without Using any Cable

Yesterday, I asked my friends to send one music file to my PC. And I gave the USB Cable to him. He just laughed at me. I don’t why he is laughing. So, I asked him, why are you laughing? And he replyied me, For transfering files from Android device to PC you don’t need any cables. Transfering the files can be done by using an new application. This will help to send files from Android to PC without using any cabels.” Then I thanked him for sharing this new method with me. And that day I decided to write an article about this. And I got this time to share this trick with you.

How To Send Files From Android Device To PC's Using WiFi

This is so easy. You need WiFi connections for both computers and mobile devices. Well, for transfering the files from Android phones to PC’s. For doint this it doesn’t depends on any OS. You just need one Browser for you PC. And you need same LAN [ Local Area Netork ] for both computer and for the mobile device which make them both to contact easily. And the another thing, you need to use password restriction because your files files can also be done over public WI-FI networks.

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Transfering Files from Android to PC Using WiFi

If you’re trying to send a file to your Android mobile device from your PC by using Wi-Fi File Transfer application for Android then a link will be given to your application that will be noted to your Android mobile device. This link is nothing like IP Address which is so easy to find the transfering system. Now copy that link and paste it in your Web browser of your PC. That’s it.

How To Send Files From Android Device To PC's Using WiFi

Well, this application have many new features. By using this app you can acces your SD cards, transfers your wanted files, delete and more. So, be careful your datas can be accesed by public people. So for preventing it you need to use password authentication. This app will work in background after starting your android device.

How To Send Files From Android Device To PC's Using WiFi

You can get this application for both free and for paid version. But in free version, you will be able to transfer files up to 5 MB only. But it is not so in paid version. The paid version is availabe for just Rs.59 in India. This application is available in Google Play.

Download Wifi File Transfer Application

I hope you liked this application. Anyway, I have liked this application. Try ” Wi-Fi File Transfer ” in your Android device. It will be so useful. And share your experience and your huge thoughts in comments.

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