Tutorial to Share your Internet Connection via Wifi

Sharing your computer internet with your mobile device, it’s an difficult part. There are many methods to share. But, sharing the internet with WiFi connection is the best way because now a days every mobile devices comes out with Wifi connectivity. Not even mobile phones, some devices like Apple iPod, iPad, Android tablets, PSP and more. If you have Wifi modem, then it is so easy to connect your device with the computer for sharing internet connection. Wifi modems are cheap in their price. By using Wifi modems it is easy to create portable hotspots. If you don’t have any Wifi modem then you can use your laptops as an router.

Tutorial to Share your Internet Connection via Wifi

For sharing the internet connection via Wifi you need, a PC/ Laptop with Wifi Connection, a Portable hotspot and an active internet connection. This method is very simple, first of all you need to download Connectify Hotspot. Let’s see how to share internet via Wifi. Here we goes…..

How to Share your Internet Connection via Wifi

Step 1: First of all, Download Connectify Hotspot.

Step 2: Once everything is finished, just install and launch it.

Step 3: Then, just Click the ” Start Hotspot “.

Step 4: Wait for few minutes then Turn on Wifi Connection in your device. Once it was turned on it will detect the Hotspot which you turned on just before. If not so, try to scan again.

Step 5: Once it was detected connect and enjoy the internet. Cheers:)

Hope, this method is working for all if anyone got any issues then share it with us in comments. Try to spread this article with your friends by doing likes and sharing via social networks. Share your thoughts in comments below. Have some fun:)

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