Most Useful Keyboard Shorcuts for Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site used by millions of active users. Facebook is the best place to promoting and advertising. So many people used Facebook for this purpose. For that users will create a Facebook Fan page which helps to interact with their visitor simply. Users can share their post their simply and they can promote it easily.

Most Useful Keyboard Shorcuts for Facebook

As per some reports, Facebook user almost spends 421 minutes on Facebook per month. And they use mostly the keyboards. So, they need to know some keyboard shortcuts. Actually, keyboard shortcuts are used to save time. You can use shortcut keys while composing messages, while on conversations or anywhere using keyboards. Now, in this article I’m going to share some amazing useful Shortcut Keys for Facebook.

Useful Facebook shortcuts

For Windows OS:

On Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then press Enter key
On Mozilla Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
On Google Chrome: Alt + #

For Mac OS:

On Safari: Ctrl + option + #
On Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + option + #
On Google Chrome: Ctrl + option + #

? – To Moves your cursor to Search Box.
l – To Like or Unlike a photo or video or some event.
/ – To Search .
J – To Scroll up and down while viewing stories in news feed.
0 – Go To Facebook help page.
1 – Go To Facebook homepage.
2 – Go to Your timeline.
3 – Go to Your Friends list.
4 – Go to your Message inbox.
5 – For Your Notifications.
6 – For Facebook account settings.
7 – For your Privacy settings.
8 – To Facebook About page
9 – For Facebook Terms and Conditions.
M – For Composing message.
Q – To Search for a specific friend with whom you want to chat with. 

Hope you will like these keyboard shortcuts for Facebook. If you found that I’ve missed anything, then share it in comments. Do likes and share this post with all your friends. Always be Happy:) [via]

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