SJ7 Star, the sports camera that records in 4K – Is it a good alternative to the GoPro Hero 5?

SJCAM is a Chinese brand that is responsible for the manufacture of sports and action cameras adjusting the specifications as much as possible with a price not exceeding one hundred euros. But a few months ago SJCAM decided to manufacture a high-end camera, the SJ7 Star.

This camera, which records in 4K quality and with a high image quality, thanks to the sharpness and quality of the colors it captures. It is, in short, a high-end camera that competes directly with the GoPro Hero 5 and the Xiaomi Yi 4k.

SJ7 Star, the sports camera that records in 4K - Is it a good alternative to the GoPro Hero 5?

4k quality thanks to the sensor and the Chip

The undeniable quality of the image of the SJ7 Star is given by two factors: the 4K quality and the Ambarella A12 chip. An explosive combination that has turned this device into a very powerful sports camera. This chip has been created specifically to work in this type of devices oriented to the image, it manages to process 4K images (2880 x 2160 pixels) at a rate of 30 images per second.

As you can see in the video, the stability is quite good and we can see that the quality too. But it is not the only thing in this camera that improves quality, it is also incorporated with the Sony IMX117 sensor, which is the same one that has previously used the GoPro Hero 4 Black model, among other cameras of this type.

Thus, its recording capacity increases to leave behind the interpolated 4K and reach this resolution natively.In addition, the SJ7 incorporates an electronic stabilizer to capture images more smoothly and naturally.

In the case of wanting to lower this figure in order to gain fluency, it is feasible to get video in 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels) at 60 fps, Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 120/60/30 fps and 720p ( 1280 x 720 pixels) reaching up to nothing less than 200 fps.

So this camera offers us a great quality, both slow motion and normal speed.


One of the most characteristic things about this brand is that it works a lot on its designs to differentiate itself from other brands of the competition. The SJ7 Star has a rectangular format and two buttons on the front. In addition, it is incorporated with a touch screen on the back of 2 inches.

At the top edge it is possible to access a capture button, ideal to emulate the classic camera experience, while its on / off button and access to Device Settings are located in front.

From behind, the LCD panel is totally tactile and makes it viable not only to observe what is being recorded / captured, but also to move along the interface to change different parameters and access the gallery to visualize the contents already generated.

SJ7 Star, the sports camera that records in 4K - Is it a good alternative to the GoPro Hero 5?


The camera has a built-in micro SD card reader, so you can store all your files on this device and then move them to your laptop or tablet to sort them. It allows the best WIFI connectivity so that you can share your experience instantly on social networks, in such a way to gain more followers and fans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

The integrated Gyro Anti Shake stabilizer is perfect for your moving images to be recorded with the stability required so that the video can be viewed comfortably once ready. It is a product compatible with both SJ Remote and external microphone systems. Ideal if you need to use it with hands-free and also if you require a boost when recording audio in high quality

One of the great disadvantages of this camera is its battery, with apnea 1000 mAh, which although it gives us about 12 hours of autonomy, we have enough space for a sports camera.


You can get this camera on AliExpress for about 150 euros without supplements. A more than reasonable price for a camera that has many levels with the GoPro Hero. If you want to buy it directly with all the necessary accessories to use it in any circumstance, clicking here you will see some of the offers that there are.

In addition, here you will find many accessories for this camera: to put on the dashboard of the car, protective housings and submersibles, stabilizers etc.

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