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You have to make a presentation in your job environment or for academic works on a regular basis. However, you are not that much a Microsoft PowerPoint tech guy at all. Or maybe you complete PowerPoint projects on your own but the time consumed to make each presentation is just more than normal. Or you lack digital creativity sense and design skills to create a winning PowerPoint presentations.

Under any circumstances, is one of the best productivity tools for presenters available in the market. In short, SlideModel is a professionally designed PowerPoint template provider. In this article, we will review SlideModel and let you know why you should try out this tool if you have to make PowerPoint slides on a regular manner. Let us come straight to the point.

What is SlideModel?

As we have earlier said, SlideModel is a professional PowerPoint template designs provider. You will find plenty designs under each category of these templates. These specially designed templates will not only increase the creativity of your presentation but will also help to get an engaging audience. As far as numbers are confirmed, you will find more than 12,000 PowerPoint templates and slide designs here. Moreover, you will be able to speed up the presentation designing process by reusing and combining the templates and other effects.

You can also download graphics or layouts from SlideModel and use them in your existing PowerPoint presentations. Background customization, color customization, design customization is really fast here. The best part is that all the templates available are compatible with PowerPoint versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Furthermore, they have slides are also compatible with Google Slides.

Who can be benefited with SlideModel?

  • Middle Management and C-level Executives for business presentations.
  • Entrepreneurs launching a new startup and requiring to prepare a pitch deck presentation.
  • Educators requiring to make presentations for the class, lessons, PhD presentations, etc.
  • Students who need to use PowerPoint to prepare their presentations.
  • Officers who have to produce PowerPoint presentation.
  • Cyber café tech guys who does ghostwriting of academic projects.

Services offered by SlideModel:

When you access SlideModel you will find plenty template designs such as Business templates, Marketing templates or strategy templates and many more. If you are finding templates under business section then we recommend you to try out SWOT Templates section. Today, SWOT analysis is present in compelling business and marketing PowerPoint presentations to present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using pre-designed SWOT templates you can save effort and time.


The editable maps are also one of the gems present in this website. There are tons of editable map templates ready to be used in PowerPoint or Google Slides. If you need to integrate maps into your presentations, then you can download any of the 100% editable world map templates and use them to make your business slides, sales presentations or show a detailed breakdown of information by country.

Diagrams are also a powerful tool to convey a message. Using the pre-designed diagram designs for PowerPoint the presenter can visually deliver a message to an audience and grab his attention. We recommend you to not only use good template and text and effect but also use diagrams in your PowerPoint presentations. It will help to gather an active and interactive audience. Use circular diagrams, flow charts, multi step diagrams, data charts, process flow diagrams, tables and many more. Simply, don’t align your presentation only to text and background when you have such a flexibility to choose from a vast range of products.


Plans & Pricing

SlideModel have different price plans for different users. The built-in templates are great but if you want to edit those templates you have to purchase the premium plan. Overall, there are different plans available. Let us take a look at them.

1-Day Access. This plan lets you download, and edit or directly use 5 templates within the next 24 hours after purchasing the plan. The plan gets automatically invalid after 24 hours so you have to renew the plan after this time frame or if you need to download more than 5 templates on that date.

3-Month Basic. This plan lets you download and use maximum 10 SlideModel templates a day. And the plan is for 3 months. In each month, you will be able to download 100 PowerPoint templates.

Annual Basic. Under this plan, you will be able to download 50 templates per day maximum and 200 templates per month.

Annual Unlimited. Under this plan, you have no limits. This is SlideModel’s premium plan very useful for corporate use. Moreover, under this plan, you will be able to add new users who will also be allowed to download templates from SlideModel.


SlideModel is a productivity resource for presenters that will let you download PowerPoint templates with attractive designs and placeholders to insert your own content. The site has thousands of templates available in the market and it is rapidly increasing the content. New fresh design is added every week.

Stop using the old fashioned basic PowerPoint templates provided by default in Microsoft PowerPoint. Design your presentation with new templates from SlideModel. Choose the plan that will suit you best and go for it.

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