5 Best Apps to Schedule SMS on Android Mobiles

Scheduling emails so they get sent automatically at the right time as per we set. Do you have ever imagined to schedule a text message, that too on Android Smartphones? Humans will forget to do various things at a time, so for those ones these scheluding features may helpful. Just take an example, As your friend is gona to have his birthday after 4 days and you like to wish him at 12.00 AM on his birthday. But due to some works you might have forgotten his birthday and to wish him via text message. So for some reasons like this can be solved using some SMS Scheduling Application which are available for your Android Mobiles. This post is about those apps which helps you to schedule text messages and send to the respective person at the particular time automatically without hitting the send button on you mobile. That makes pretty and exicted!

 Schedule SMS on Android Mobiles

I’ve used many apps likes these ones, but most of them won’t get satisfied by the users. But these below mentioned apps are the best one for this case and they have also got many good reviews from the users who use them. Another thing, you won’t forget to wish your friend’s birthday or any other important event and you may be the first one to send wishes to him via SMS. Here we’ve the five best Android Apps to schedule messages easily.

SMS Scheduler

This is a perfect app to schedule messages easily on your mobile. SMS Scheduler app allows the users to schedule their messages with necessary options to choose the frequency & range of sending messages for every 5 mintues to an hour. It has many other features realted to scheduling such as SMS recipients, Contacts and more. The best part here will be its cost, FREE!!! SMS Scheduler is available for download on the Google Play Store. [Link]

Send It Later

As the name implies, Send It Later will helps its users to send messages at chosen time to anyone. This is its best part. The user interface will be found good. Here you can manage your scheluded messages in simple manner. Your sent message will have an backup or saved in your stock app. This makes to find your old messages quick and easy. Send It Later is available on Google Play Store. [Link]

Text Later

As like other apps this will allows the users to send text messages at right time. This app got all features as like other apps got too. The best part here will be its the offers to view the scheduled message. Even you can find more interesting things for scheluding your text messages. Don’t feel that you are sending messages to your staff & boss late! This app can gives you best solution for it! Text Later is available for free on Google Play Store. [Link]

Advanced SMS Scheduler

Advanced SMS Scheduler got more features than other SMS Scheduling apps. It got more message templates with different formats based on the recipients devices. And this app promise its users as, their messages will be sent to the recipients at perfect time as they choose. You can find more features will makes you helpful for scheduling messages. Try to install this app on your device and unexplore all new features! As like other apps this app is also available on Google Play store. [Link]

SMS Scheduler (Text Later)

I personaly use this one and I benifited more than the apps listed above. So I prefer you guys to give a try on this app. This apps has great feature for multiple language support. Then you can back-up or restore your scheduled messages directly to your SD Card. This feature may be helpful for those who change their smartphone oftenly. Go ahead and install this one on your device and unexplore the useful features by yourself. [Link]


Hope this post made you got some ideas on SMS Scheduling. These listed apps helps you to send text messages by scheduling them and it will be sent to recipients at right time without hitting the SEND button. If you find that we’ve missed any other best SMS Scheduling apps then share it with us in comments below. If you feel this post is informative then do likes and share this post with your friends via social networking sites and make us grow!! CHEERS:)

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