Snapdeal refreshed user experience with new design

It is very necessary for the Ecommerce biggies to update along with the time and according to the competitors to stay in the competition as well as with the customers. This is the reason why there will be a frequent updates for their mobile apps and the UI of the websites. Today we are going to review an ecommerce giant related to online shopping, Snapdeal. The changes in the ultimate design eventually effects on getting the traffic and gives a new look the customers of the site.

There are certain companies in ecommerce that change frequently as per the design and the outlook based on the customer choice and according to the user interface.

Snapdeal New UI

Snapdeal has undergone a few changes during the last week and gave a new look to the customers of the site. The changes were seen in both website and the mobile app with a fresh look and an aim to the interface in both the platforms.

The biggest advantage in the new look is that there is decrement in the load time of the web page by 25% and 1% on the mobile app. The redesigned UI will now have a simple, augmented and an user friendly platform.

The new look that is designed with the latest User Interface is intuitive and the features are easy to locate the product information and grouping of the content by intend of the access for all the decision making information with a single view.

Snapdeal New UI 1

This feature will now enable the customers to buy new purchases in the very first view of the page and then reduce the further steps involved to buy a specific product. The new look also features a new design of the site that can save a lot of time for the users and then update to the customers.

Silent Features of the New UI:

Snapdeal New UI 2

Simple, intuitive and modern design: Snapdeal in its new look have used an elegant combination of fonts, colors and icons.

New information architecture: the new information architecture has formed in each category with a specific navigation that is improved a lot in the grouping and has reduced a number of steps to go to the desired product.

Improvised discovery interface: The new interface has used a different category for the discovery and there is a dedicated search page with the new and recent searches. It doesn’t allow the users to bookmark the favorite categories.

Intuitive consumer buying journey:

The information related to the products is placed beautifully and the pages are defined and designed for an easy visual navigation. The customers now can see the decision making information on the final product in a single click or view. Now it has also redesigned the checkout process.

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