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In this article, we will review Email Verifier. This wonderful tool, helps you find emails and automate your marketing and lead generation campaigns. However, the tool has some more features to offer than only this.

With the help of this tool, as you browse different websites, you are able to check email addresses for validity. You can either copy and paste the email addresses one by one or extract a CSV file report. Or you can verify emails on the go while surfing any website. The best thing is that it also works in bulk. All invalid email addresses are marked as non-existent ones and you can quickly delete them from the list of prospects. Last June, released this tool as a Chrome browser extension. Now, let us start with a brief description and feature list of

Chrome Extension Features

Advanced Domain Search –

If for any reason you are looking for services from a specific company or website then with the help of this email checker you will be able to access email addresses associated with the website. For example, let’s assume you are looking for job openings from a particular website, you can easily find the email ids associated with the domain by using the dashboard or extension. email search

  1. Linkedin Id Search –

Just like the advanced domain search, you are able to search for Linkedin Ids by visiting a person’s or a company’s profile or through the dashboard.

  1. Free email sending –

With the help of Advanced Domain Search and LinkedIn Id search, you have already made an important list of email ids that matter. Now, it is time for sending customized emails. You can send emails to the desired email addresses as a part of a campaign or you can also use the platform to do the job. Some big and renowned companies like Lenovo, Uber, and others use to send emails. Pricing and Plans – comes with monthly as well as yearly price plans. Yearly plans are cheaper than that of the monthly ones. You can select the best package that suits your business depending upon the size of your company.

XS Plan: It is the basic package. The benefits of this plan are listed below.

  • Forever Free
  • 100 credits/month
  • 100 verified LinkedIn Id
  • 100 domain searches
  • 50 bulk domain search
  • 100 emails from names
  • Unlimited domain emails
  • Upload and verify 200 own email
  • CSV Export

S Plan, M Plan, L Plan and XL Plan: These are paid packages. The benefits are the same, only the limit increases at every instance. Numerically, the 100 increases into 1,000 for S Plan, 5,000 for M plan, 25,000 for L Plan and 50,000 for XL Plan. While the bulk domain search limit increases from 50 to 500 for S, 2,500 for M; 12,500 for L and 25,000 for XL; the upload and verify own mail capacity increases from 200 to 2,000 in S, 10,000 in M, 50,000 in L and 100,000 in XL. As far as the pricing is concerned, S Plan costs $29, M Plan costs $49, L Plan costs $79 and XL Plan costs $139. All rates are given on the basis of per month.

As soon as you make the dollar payment, you earn the respective credits mentioned above. And every time you do something with your credit gets deducted. One domain email searching costs 1 credit, extracting email from LinkedIn costs 1 credit, Uploading and verifying email costs 0.5 credit.


Like other tools and software, Email Verifier won’t consume any space in your local hard disc directly. As you already know, it is available as a Chrome Browser extension, all you have to do is to download and install the extension in Chrome and use Chrome Browser for searching websites. As there is an availability of a basic package, we recommend you to use that for a test to see whether it suits your needs or not. If you like the product, you can update to a paid package later on. If you have any queries regarding Email Verifier, do let us know by commenting in the “Comments” section below.

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