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Whenever I thought to protect my info, the format I prefer is obviously PDFs. Doubtlessly it’s the best format for storing data securely. But the question is how can you manage this format to convert files and editing?

PDF is the suitable format for writing your C.V, official letters and eBooks. Saving PDFs is simple but editing is completely opposite. Therefore you need an efficient tool to perform this task. Guess what? I’ve found awesome editing tool which provide you this opportunity. You know that editing PDF is problematic. Though there is few tools are available for editing PDFs. But the tool which I’m speaking about is Soda PDF 6. 

soda pdf review

Can you spend a day without valuable soft or apps? I know the answer is certainly no. It saves our valuable time and makes our work life comfortable. As I stated before PDF is very crucial for daily purpose. Also you don’t have carry books everywhere for study.

Make your PDF Online Free

Without further ado let’s head straight to seek out the Soda PDF – fully enhanced tool for PDFs usage.

Brief introduction on Soda PDF:

I’ve already said that Soda PDF 6 is the best PDF software which provides numerous key features. The company started back in 2010 by LULU. It’s not easy to pick a suitable alternative tool from the web. Are you feed up for seeking all in one solution for PDF? No more guys! Utilize Soda PDF editing tool now. It has nine superb features. So, let’s seek out now.

soda pdf review


One of the most common and must have feature every PDF software should have. Adding 3d mode with page flipping animation, search navigate, rotate, zoom, bookmark, etc additionally the single page mode, this software also included with continue page navigation which gives your eyes a adorable experience to read your PDF document. This feature makes this software one of the best among others.

Create PDF files

Sending PDF files to anyone is the safest and fastest way to deliver any file. So it’s always a good idea to transform a file into PDF mode so that we can send instantly and securely. I’ve said that because PDF files cannot be easily editable. Whether it’s a word, excel or PowerPoint soda PDF software makes it so easy to convert any file to a PDF mode with one click while maintain its quality.

soda pdf review

Edit PDF file

You need to edit our PDF files for many reasons and this spectacular software makes it so easy to do it.  This software helps anyone edit any PDF file for whether it for answering questions or other purposes. And this is the ultimate tool for it.

Insert pictures and links into PDF

You can add header and footer also new pages and numbers within your doc via Soda PDF. Also you can insert pictures, clip and crop as your requirements.

Forms Module

You can create HTML forms with Soda PDF which is definitely worthy. Put in text, check box, and push buttons and combo box. Also Soda PDF has e-mail integrated for direct submission into the doc.

Security Module

When you considering editing is daunting at the same time writers want to secure their PDF work. Don’t worry because you can do now. Soda PDF 6 got solid protection system that helps users to make their files password and signature protected. Plus you can set different level for reading and editing.

OCR PDF Module

OCR PDF module is an extraordinary feature from the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Read after scanning through  any document or image.

Imagine having to re-type a 10 paged document. That’s some amount of work to do. With Soda PDF 6, all you have to do is can your document and its OCR module will extract the text for you.

Normally you have to type 10 pages for reading via image. But it’s not anymore. You can scan a doc or image rapidly after compressing via Soda PDF tool

Simple Converting to other format

Well it’s the must have feature because you received PDFs quite often but it’s really difficult to convert into MS word or excel format. Now you can change PDF format into .doc , .xlsx, .pptx and HTML.

How to activate SodaPDF 7 from the trial version live demo on YouTube


Soda PDF 6 is definitely a paramount solution for PDFs handlings. Now you know how to edit, password protects and levels various accesses with your data. Am I missing anything vital point? Let me know through your comments. Without any issue it’s all in one solution for PDF usage and you can check all latest updates about soda PDF 7 on social site

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