Some Major Wi-Fi Problems and Ways to Fix it !

We are living in the world of Technology. But however Wireless Technology has changed everything. For example, from mobile device to internet. We can carry it to anywhere. But in this advanced world we have some problems in our life and also in technology. Here is one, while using Wi-Fi we are getting some problems. But yet that problems are not yet solved by you. You need some help from others. If you’re in search of an good helper then it’s me. Yes, I’m here to help you to solve the most out coming Wi-Fi problems. Here I have listed some most popular problems while using Wi-Fi . I have some easy  solution for it.

Some Major Wi-Fi Problems and Ways to Fix it !

 I cannot connect to my router, How do I resolve this ?

This is the biggest problem. But there are several solution for it. If you have this problem then check your router is configured to DHCP [Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol]. If you find your router is not configured then try to disable and re-enable the DHCP function.
If you still have this problem then try to disable the Wireless Security. I asked you to disable this because some security privacy can interfere. This effect can drop your IP address.
Then finally check for are the electrical interference something like alarm clock, cordless phones,microwave ovens or any thing. If you find so then try to disable it.
If you are still facing this problem then just reboot your device and router. That’s it ! You have sucessfully solved this problem.

What steps should I take to secure my Wi-Fi network ?

This is the another major question. After purchasing a new router and get a broadband connection to it. Then you think to use your router by yourself and not by others. You are correct. But still there are many techique to safe guard your Wi-Fi network. Here I have discussed some 4 point to secure your Wi-Fi networks.

These type of Wi-Fi router are normally come with WEP and WPA security encryption privacy. In that WPA is the best as it allows you to add numbers and words for your security protection. If you like to enable this security then go to router administrator page. For going there access or, there you can find enable WPA under Wireless Security. Just click on it and add your key and then press save and your router will  start to reboot automatically. Our first steps have been completed successfully.
In the second step, start Disabling the SSID (Service Set Identifier) broadcasting. By disabling it hackers can’t able to see your Wi-Fi network. This will surely help you.
In the third step, just enable the hardware firewall in your router. And this will protect your router for unwanted suspicious connection.
The final step is, just disable the file sharing option for securing the optimum security. By following these points you can surely secure your Wi-Fi network.

How do I open ports on my router ?

Some functions like online games, FTP servers, IP Webcams neeeds you to open ports on your router to allow outside request to be sent to an internal computer on a home network. And this procedure is called as port forwarding. You can open ports on your router by changing some settings in your router. For that, just open your router’s administrative page. There search for Port Forwarding. Once you done this, just enter the service name and type your starting port and ending port numbers.  You can provide the same numbers if you’re opening only one port. After doing this, select TCP as the protocol and click on OK.

How to extend range of my wireless signal ?

Till now peoples are just thinking to boost their wireless signals. Yes this a good question. Avoid blocks of liquid , example like fish tanks and water coolers, and metal pipes. Water content matters want to moved to different place. You some ectender or use any other wireless devices. For setting in your house is easy. Just try it !

How to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network ?

Many of  the peoples are want to connect to their social network automatically. Like wise here also some peoples are wanted to connect to a Wi-Fi connection within their local area. For connecting a Wi-Fi network automatically then  follow the steps given bellow.

  • Go to Control Panel >> Network Connections
  • Now Right click on your wireless network.
  • Then click Properties >> Wireless Networks >> Advanced.
  • Check out if Radio button next to any available network is on that and check the box “Automatically Connect to non-preferred network “.
  • That’s it ! By doing these steps you will be automatically connected to any network in your area.

Which wireless channel should I use ?

Some routers like , Wireless 802.11b and 802.11g have 11 channels and some routers come with 6 channel as their default setip. You can make some edits in your channel list. If you’re trying to change it then you can change your wireless channel. For changing it go to routers administrator page and than under wireless settings option choose channels and switch to anything else from 1 – 11. That’s it ! You have successfully changed your channel.

How do I share files on a wireless network ?

Sharing files online is awesome. But sharing it on wireless networks is cool! You can share files between your computers to an  near by wireless network easily by just changing your settings. Just enable file sharing in Windows. Then right click on the file you want to share and choose sharing and security from the right context menu. After doing this click on sharing tab. Now put check in the folder labeled “Share this folder on a network” and “Allow network users to change my files” to enable other to modify your documents. That’s it! by following these steps you can share your files on a wireless network.

I hope so you will like this article. So if you have any doubts or any question then feel free to share it comments! I hope so that we have resolved all our errors in our Wi-Fi network. Don’t forgot to share this article with your friends. Have a Colorful day!
source: cnet

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