Step by Step Guide on How to Secure Your Windows VPS

Securing your Windows VPS is essential. The whole deal is similar to keeping the VPS live on any public network. We tend to overlook this necessary step. When we buy a Windows VPS hosting and get the VPS login details, the next smart move would be to tend to the security element. Today’s article is going to focus on some of the critical steps that need to be taken into account for securing the Windows VPS hosting.

These steps mentioned below are quite easy to understand and follow for everyone. It will help in securing the web server effectively. By following this guide, you will be able to protect the server against hackers. Most of the admins expect the Cloud Provider of the Windows Cloud VPS to take care of the security. But most of the providers only allow IAAS, which means that the admin would be responsible for taking care of the Widows Cloud server. The steps for keeping the Windows VPS secure are mentioned below.

Using a Firewall

There needs to be a firewall running at all times. There is a default Windows Firewall present with the Windows OS, and it must be enabled. Some of the benefits of having a firewall include –

  • It will help in preventing malicious software and hackers
  • It will be useful in filtering information available on the internet as per the settings

You must have to knowledge of understanding which ports are open and ways of unblocking and blocking an IP when you are using Windows VPS for sites. These are the basics of the security system you are supposed to follow. If anybody intends to brute force attack, you will be able to stop that individual immediately.

Installing Necessary Service Updates and Packs

It is essential to get the latest downloads and updates for the Windows server in order to get better performance. The Windows VPS Server has to use the updated and current software. Having an old OS could make your server an easy target. If you are not very sure, you must talk to your provider about it and check for the latest update as well as enable the auto update for receiving the latest updates and patches.

Enforcing TLS/SSL on Remote Connections

There can be several alternatives but having a free SSL Certificate could be one of the necessary steps that need to be taken for Windows VPS Hosting. Restricting connection using IP and enabling TLS/SSL encryption on the database ports is essential for remote connections. A certificate will be required for authenticating the Windows VPS. The SSL (TLS 1.0) can be useful in server authentication as well as encrypting the data transferred between the client and the server. Encryption will be helpful in protecting against the interception risk of the server/client communication.

Limiting Access of Public Network

When you enable public internet access, it will be very beneficial for your business in different ways. But when you allow users on a public network, it could also attract hackers. By setting up a VPN tunnel for preventing outsider usage in order to make sure that the communication on the private network is encrypted with the help of 128-bit encryption keys.

IDS or Intrusion Detection System

The Intrusion Detection System works similar to a burglar alarm in case of Windows VPS Server. It will keep track of the files that have been changed and also alert the people when something has been altered or added. It is necessary because hackers try to replace binary applications. Applying IDs for saving the Server from any threat can be useful.

Enabling a Bastion Host

A bastion host can be seen as a particular purpose computer available on a specially designed network that has been configuring for withstanding attacks. It will help in preventing direct access to the server using a public network for minimising the chances of penetration. The computer will be hosting a single application.

Server Drive Encryption by Enabling BitLocker

The improvements made in storage and visualisation technologies, it isn’t challenging to clone a disk. In case of disaster recovery, it can be of significant advantage because there is a potential risk to security. BitLocker can be very useful in protecting the Windows VPS hosting from an offline attack. It also protects the data from malicious user boots that operate using the alternate OS. It will require administrator privileges on the server for installation.

These are some the things that you can do for making your Windows VPS Hosting secure. Security is quite an essential element when you are operating online. Therefore, you must not take any risk with the private and personal information of customers. And the best way to do that is by ensuring that your VPS hosting is safe.

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