Stop Automatic App Updates On Android/iOS/Windows Phone

Whether you are using Android, iOS or Windows smartphone, you probably have a ton of apps installed on your device. To provide more seamless user experience, app developer issues updates regularly. Most of these updates include bug fixes, new features, support or new versions for any particular application. All smartphones provide automatic update facility for system as well as applications. So, you don’t have to remain up to date with all the latest features manually.

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While it is strongly recommended to update all the smartphone system and apps, there are some times when we are happy with current functionality and experience.  Automatic app updates may also have some major drawbacks, so you may want to change the default updates settings.
First, automatic updates can clog up a large percentage of bandwidth, making real time usage slow. It makes sense to download updates over a Wi-Fi network, rather than cellular. These updates can cost a lot of money on 3G and time on 2G connections. Also constant data downloading and updating can keeps phone running, and may drain battery power faster than ever.  Turning off automatic updates can save you some bandwidth and a bit of power, making phone useful for quit longer.

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How To Stop Automatic App Updates On Android

Among all others, Android allows full control over automatic updates. User can opt to get updates while only on Wi-Fi network or cellular network. But the most flexible feature is, user can turn off/on updates for every single app individually.
Follow steps below, to turn updates on/off:
Launch Google Play.
Tap the icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left corner of window.
Go to Settings.
Then to Auto-update apps.
Now to disable automatic app updates, just select Do not auto-update apps.
If you want to auto-update apps only when you’re on a Wi-Fi network, tap Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only in the same menu.

You can also select automatic updates for your preferred apps.
To get auto-update for any app, go to the app home page in Google Play.
Now tap three vertical dots in the top right corner.
And make sure Auto-update is checked.
Following these steps, you can guarantee latest app versions without spending precious bandwidth on unnecessary updates.

How To Stop Automatic App Updates On iOS

iOS user can feels little constrained , as it does not allow to disable/enable automatic updates for individuals apps. The only option is either to disable automatic updates for all apps, or none. But you can choose whether to get latest updates using Wi-Fi or cellular mobile connection. iOS performs much better with latest app versions and system updates, but you can turn them off by following simple process.
First go to Settings > iTunes & App Store.
Now to disable all automatic app updates, tap the green switch next to Updates or you can toggle vice versa.
If you would like to get automatic apps updates, but only when you are connected over  Wi-Fi network, just turn on Updates and turn off  Use Mobile Data instead

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How To Stop Automatic App Updates On Windows Phone 8.1

Similar to iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 provides facility to choose updates for all apps. You can also choose to get updates only on Wi-Fi or on cellular data.
Launch Store app.
Tap the Settings from three horizontal dots icon on the bottom-right.
Toggle switch besides Update apps automatically to turn it off or vice versa.
You can also turn on only get updates over Wi-Fi to avoid getting charged on cellular network.

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