How to Watch Torrent Movies/Videos without Downloading

Torrent are the most popular word on internet for downloading files. Its the best place to download any contents from ebooks to games for free. So as this feature attracts, many users prefers to use torrent as their downloading source. So to download files from torrent they use some Torrent clients such as Bittorrent, Utorrent and more. These clients will be installed almost on every internet users system. So with these tool we will only try to download but do you ever have tried to watch torrent videos without downloading. Need to know about it?

How to Watch Torrent Movies/Videos without Downloading

This post is full about the ways to watch torrent videos or movies without downloading by using Roxplayer. Roxplayer is the best player to stream torrent files before downloading it. This will works fors both audio files and video files. This player also trys to find the quality of torrent file to be downloaded. The users who are uploading files and videos are not uploading any sample clips on it. So this make even tenser after downloading the full file which may not be in good format or for the expectation. To avoid these silly things you need to copy the torrent magnet URL in the Roxplayer and to view file quality and more.

Stream Torrent Files without DOWNLOADING

Step 1: First Download and Install Roxplayer in your system.

Step 2: Then browse the File Menu and click the Open Torrent. There you will be shown with 3 choice and from it choose choose .torrent Magnet Link.

stream torrent file without downloading

Step 3: Then you will be revealed with a dialog box there just paste the Magnet Link of the torrent file which you are prior to download. Hope everone knows How to get Torrent Magnet Link! If not please drop them in comments below!

How to Watch Torrent Movies/Videos without Downloading

Step 4: Now paste the copied URL in Roxplayer field and gig! After some seconds you will see some torrent files, just choose the main file and enjoy!

Hope this post ends up as informative one. Here the Roxplayer will took over 3 minutes to buffer the file. If you face some issues then share them in comments below. Do likes and share this post with your friends and make us grow! Cheers;)

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