Study of Social selling 2018: in what ways brands are engaging with their leads on social platforms

Social selling is among the most attractive social media tactics and trends for many experts and researchers. That is why they have conducted this study to know how social media is influencing the users to get them engaged with the brands and how does it impact on their ROI. Is the impact of social selling is positive on the return on investment or is it not up to the mark. While for many social media marketers, social selling is among the most underrated trends. We will conclude why it is not important for them and how important it actually is in this article. But before that we will just have a look on what it actually is.

Social selling 2018

Social selling

Social selling can be defined as a process in which the marketers leverage the social platform for their lead generation and to improve their relationships with the customers, which at last turns into the closing of the sale.

But in fact, social media is not the platform that is primarily considered as a tool for generating the leads for a product or is responsible for any closing sales. It is just considered a tool for raising more awareness about the products and services that a brand offers to the customers. This is commonly believed because of the classic way that describes the sales funnel and also the behavior of consumers. But this could be a misconception. Social media does not only spread the awareness of the brand, but also it helps a brand in its sales funnel throughout. Time is changing and the role of social media in the marketing and advertisement department is getting expanded. We believe that Instagram has provided the organizations a better environment for sales with a lot of distinct and unique ways than the traditional and classic ways. But how is it doing so? It is like increasing Instagram followers or likes, doing more posts and etc.

Fair play, sincerity, and engagement

Through social media, there is an environment in which anyone can communicate with anyone regarding the products and their advertisement. Also they can share the users experience too at any time and any place for the audience. This may change the perception of the audience about the brand. Unlike the television ads, which did not allow the users to comment and communicate their true experience with the audience. So, the word of mouth game gets stronger on these platforms rather than injecting the positioning of the brands in the mind of the consumers through these ads, we believe it is a fair play environment due to social media. This also provides the audience a more transparent and sincere relation with the brand. Also, it helps to get more engagement of the audience than before.

Social selling study results

As per the results of this study, the lead generation through traditional ways is getting reformed. Social media provides the marketers more opportunities than before. Social selling is an easy task to generate lead and close the sales. And it has positive impact on the ROI.

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