How to Signup and Submit Blogger Posts in IndiBlogger

Joining in Indiblogger will proves that they are Indian Blogger. As result it will increase your blog traffic and with your rankings. Your blog will be visited by pro bloggers too. So there are lots advantage you gain by adding your blog at Indiblogger. Today in this article I’m gonna to share How to Join and Submit Blogger Posts on IndiBlogger. Before going into tutorial, you need to know about Indiblogger.

What is Indiblogger?

How to Signup and Submit Blogger Posts in IndiBlogger

Indiblogger is the biggest blogger community in India with over thousands active users. It can be used for sharing your blogger and your contents for free. Your articles will be viewed by hundreds of users so it will surely results in more traffic to your blog. It can make your website popular in short period. All you need is to just share article at here. In Indiblogger you can share your post to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter too. If you don’t know how to join and to share article at Indiblogger then this article will surely guide you to do so.

How to Register on Indiblogger?

Step 1: Go to Indiblogger.

Step 2: Click the Sign Up button and go ahead.

Step 3: Then fill all the required details and Sign Up there.

Step 4: Then after Signing in, you will receive a Confirmation mail to your inbox. Just click it and Login to your indiblogger account.

Congratulation! You have successfully signed up on Indiblogger. Now let’s see how to share blogger post on Indiblogger.

How to Submit an article on Indiblogger?

Step 1: Login to your Indiblogger.

Step 2: Go to Indiblogger dashboard and Click My IndiVine Posts.

Step 3: Then Click the Submit or Start Now link.

Step 4: Give details about your post with URL and Title for it.

Step 5: In Indo section choose a related category for your post and give some description about the post with tags.

Step 6: Then Click the Submit Post and enjoy!

Hope this article will be useful for you guys, if it so then do some likes and share it with your friends! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Happy blogging:)

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