How to Capture Photos & Selfies by Whistling on Android Mobiles

As there is rapid growth in technology sectors it leads to new creative thoughts and new developments which includes Gadgets, Apps and more. Now this article will prove the growth in technology field.  Android is a well known operating system for mobile platforms. Day by day the Android users are increasing, in other side the developers are developing new apps for it with new designs and they are totally unique. Here I got two android app which can be used to snap photos by just Whistling! I’m not kidding, it true! First time when I heard about this I laughed then after making searches on Google I came to know its true. So I decided to share those apps with your guys on What they can do and How to download & install it on your android mobile? For these questions you can find answers by reading this post fully.

Capture Photos & Selfies by Whistling on Android Mobiles

Let me introduce the apps, one is Whistle Camera and other one is Whistle Cam. These apps will allows the users tp capture images or selfies by just whistling. You may take many selfies a day then you will share them on popular social networking websites. So for making your work easy you can use these apps on your mobile phones. In result you can snap photos without touching or clicking the capture button on your mobile phone. It just like wireless!

Even you can take photos while driving car by whistling! Cool ah? When you sound a whistle the app will detect and it snaps photos for your. This is the process happens inside it! Wanna to try it on your mobile? Then read a small review about the two app, download it to your android mobile and have fun!

Apps to Take a Picture/Selfies by Whistling 

#1 Whistle Camera 

Capture Photos & Selfies by Whistling on Android Mobiles

It will let you to take selfies and photos by whistling. This app can take photos both on front & back camera by whistling. There is also other feature to snap photos by pressing Volume buttons. So there will be three ways to takes photos it makes the users to feel comfortable. The best part here is, after taking photos you can share your photos easily on social medias using the inbuilt sharing feature on this app. You can customize the sensitive for your blowing whistling. You can get this app for free, but in free version you may get Ads which annoy you. So you can go for Pro version for Ad free and with other features.

Download Whistle Camera from Google Play Store

#2 Whistle Cam

Capture Photos & Selfies by Whistling on Android Mobiles

Whistle Cam is also works like the above one, but it has less feature than it! Here also you can snap pivture just by whistling. The awesome thing added here is, you can adjust white balance for your photos before taking photos. This is an advantage here when compared to Whistle Camera. Here also you can share your photos directly on social media by just tapping the social keys. In this app you can’t use or control the front camera. It will not support you front camera and the sensitivity of the whistle can’t be adjust or changed by you.  But others are working fine! Just give a try for it on your mobile!

Download Whistle Cam from Google Play Store

Have you tried these two apps on your Android mobile? Then share your opinion about it in comments! Do some likes and share about this tweak and make us grow! Happy Snapping:)

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