Temple Run 2 Cheat Codes for Android, iOS Devices

Temple Run 2 is an awesome game available for Android, iOS, etc., For every game there will be Cheat codes. As like that, Temple Run 2 game also have some cheat. There are many version like Temple run, Temple run 2, and more. Well recently Imangi Studios released their Temple Run 2 for Android and for iOS gadgets. This version was rocking at the app store. In this game we can make some updates, so people always search for some cheat codes for making some upgrades to make their game easier. There are some tweak and hacks to get unlimited power ups and upgrades in Temple run 2.

Temple Run 2 Cheat Codes for Android, iOS Devices

Well now in this article, I’ll show some tweak to increase unlimited coins and gems. Well you can use this tweak for both Android or iOS devices. You can follow some simple instruction given below.

How to get Unlimited Coins and Gems for Android Device

Step 1: Download Gamedata.txt file on your device.
Step 2: Then download, Temple Run 2 for Android device from google play.
Step 3: Download File Explorer from Google Play.
Step 4: Now transfer every file on your computer.
Step 5: Then copy “gamedata.txt” file to your Android device.
Step 6: Now open File Manager & navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/com.imangi.templerun2/files
Step 7: And now rename the “gamedata.txt” file already present to anything like “gamedata.apk”
Step 8: Then paste the downloaded “gamedata.txt” file there and copy it from where you have transferred and paste it there.
Step 9: That’s it!!!

How to get Unlimited Coins and Gems for iOS device

Step 1: Download Gamedata.txt file on your iOS device.
Step 2: Then download Temple Run 2 game for your iOS devices.
Step 3: Then use “DiskAid Tool” to explore files and for transferring file.
Step 4: Open “DiskAid” on PC.
Step 5: Now, connect your iOS device to computer and click on the Temple Run 2 game.
Step 6: Then paste the “gamedata.txt” file there using DiskAid.
Step 7: That’s it!! Enjoy:)

Hope you’re enjoying with this game tweak for unlimited coins, gems and power ups. If you have any issues then share it with us in comments below. Have some fun ah!! Cheers:) Source:  Beingtricky

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