The Kim Kardashian App: What You May (Or May Not) Want to Know

While there’s plenty of not-so-nice things said about reality star Kim Kardashian, the woman knows how to make a buck. One of the more recent ways she’s raking in dough is through her mobile app, entitled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. What does the app entail? Let’s find out.


Shopping With Kim

Designed as a “red carpet adventure” with the second-oldest Kardashian, the mobile phone app unsurprisingly involves a lot of “shopping.” Follow Kim to a store where she tries on a dress and encourages you to do the same. The wife of Kanye will say something like, “Wow, that dress looks amazing on you, you should buy it. I’m going to buy two!” You’ll also follow her to other stores and try on more clothes you can choose to “buy” or not. Hundreds of style options are available, including those chosen by Kim.

Lunching With Kim

If having lunch with Kim and her famous pals is a life goal, you’ll enjoy this aspect of the app. Enjoy meals with Kim and whatever other celebrities are around, and of course you keep your phone on all day to determine where the model/designer/reality star is going that night.

Clubbing with Kim

What Kardashian-ified night out wouldn’t include hitting a few clubs? You won’t have any issue “getting in” to whatever club you’re attending, as you’re “with Kim.” Buy some drinks, hang out, go home.

Ruling the Red Carpet with Kim

Always dreamed of “ruling” the red carpet as an A-list celebrity? Pick your outfit and get out there.

Additional Options

In addition to the above options, the Kim Kardashian app makes it (virtually) possible to date and dump assorted celebrities, travel to New York and Miami, bring friends “along for the ride” to help each other achieve fame and fortune, and more.

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