The Top 5 Mobile Apps to Manage Business on WordPress

With around 30% of the entire web running on WordPress, it’s the most widespread CMS out there at the moment. Besides blogs, it’s also used to run businesses, from small ecommerce websites to large corporations.

One of the reasons WordPress has this kind of versatility is the abundance of plugins, and lately, mobile tools. Here are a few of them that will make running your WordPress website a breeze, no matter how big your business is.

The Top 5 Mobile Apps to Manage Business on WordPress


Security is one of the most important things to your customers, as they trust you with handling their data. However, you first need to keep your own data secure first. Having good passwords for all of your accounts is a must if you want to stay safe.

But who’s going to remember 30 different passwords, let alone change them all frequently enough? LastPass takes care of that problem by storing all your passwords in one place, which you can access with one masterpass.

It’s available on desktop, as a browser plugin, and of course, a mobile app.


There’s no successful business without a great social media profile. If you’ve ever tried juggling several different profiles, you know how complicated it can get. Tools like Buffer allow you to crate and schedule your social media posts across platforms.

Since you can’t always be behind your laptop or PC, Buffer’s mobile app lets you upload and schedule content on the go. Even though it’s had numerous contenders in the past years, Buffer remains the #1 social media scheduling app there is.


If you run an ecommerce store, there’s a high probability it was built on WooCommerce. This platform allows you to set up your own web shop, add products and catalogs and handle shipments with ease.

The team at WooCommerce also created a mobile app that allows you to take a quick glance at your dashboard. You can see what products are in stock, what’s selling, current processing and pending orders and much more.

However, there’s a big but. The app is available for iOS only, and it doesn’t fully replace the desktop version of the website. Although it’s great for checking up on your website, it doesn’t really allow you to make any changes on mobile.


If your ecommerce store is not on WooCommerce, it’s probably on its biggest rival, Shopify. This giant has more than a half a million stores using its platform.

Just as with WooCommerce, you can track purchases in real time, review inventory, upload product photos, edit product details, look at cart abandonment and much more. Although it’s jam-packed with features, managing all of them is much easier from desktop, and the mobile app is simply a tool to track your store performance on the go.

The app is free and unlike WooCommerce, it’s available for iOS and Android users. Simply enter your phone number on their website and you’ll get a download link for the app.

Google Analytics

No matter what kind of website you run or what your position is, you need some knowledge of Google Analytics to track what’s going on. We’ll assume you’re already using it on desktop, but having access on the go is even better.

The Google Analytics mobile app allows you to track visitors, conversions, generated leads, sessions as well as PPC campaigns. Although there are better looking dashboards out there, nothing beats the simplicity and ease of use of Google Analytics.


Depending on what you use your website for, one or all of these apps may be suitable for you. On the whole, mobile apps are best used as an extension of the desktop ones. While they offer some features, they are best suited for keeping track of performance on the go.

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