Things You Need To Know To Avoid Tech Nightmares

As a Windows user, especially with the new Windows 8.1, learning how to use it can be simple and easy. However, there are some things about Windows that can be quite challenging. You may have probably experienced some of these and it may probably have taken you a couple of hours or even a day to resolve them.

Things You Need To Know To Avoid Tech Nightmares

If there is a concern that you have not solved or would like to be resolved quickly, there are some things you need to know or need to learn to avoid certain technical nightmares, which can happen to your desktop or laptop. While you can still call or go online to a computer tech support company, here are some things you can do yourself.

You can start by learning the following:

1. Setting up a firewall and installing anti-virus software

To provide your computer with security measures against viruses and malware, it is a must to install and set up a reliable anti-virus software. You can also enable and configure then built-in firewall of your Windows computer. Setting up and configuring the Windows Firewall can search out and remove viruses, adware, and spyware that may have entered the computer or prevent these attacks from entering beforehand.

2. Repairing registry errors

Repairing the registry errors is a serious business. A slight mishap on your part can seriously affect one or more of your applications. Learning to fix most, if not all, registry errors properly will ensure that your computer is in perfect working condition again.

3. Properly installing and configuring printers and other computer peripherals

Aside from installing the OS, you also need to install the correct drivers for each of your computers components. You need to make sure that your printer, CD or DVD drive, portable media players, and other peripherals are working properly. It is important to learn how to properly set up and configure these peripherals to make sure that they do not affect the computers overall performance.

4. Backing all your files in case your hard drive crashes

Imagine youve been working for hours on that all-important document, rushing to meet a big deadline, and then your PC crashes before you can hit the save button. That is definitely the nightmare of all tech nightmares. The best way to avoid this from happening is to constantly save your work or to configure your computers auto save settings to save your file every 10 seconds. There are actually countless ways you can back up your files, so you can be confident that you wont ever be caught out and lose important documents that you need. You can use another hard disk simply for back up purposes or use an external hard drive, preferrably with 500GB storage capacity. Apple users can rely on the trustworthy iCloud. Dropbox is also great for saving and sharing files, or set up a Google account for Google Drive where you can automatically save, synchronize, and share documents all in one place.

5. Watch what you click from your e-mail and from the Internet

You can do this by following this simple rule: When in doubt, dont click it. You need to remember that more than 90% of viruses, malware, adware, and malicious software that enter your computer come from the Internet.

Have you experience tech nightmares and what did you do to avoid it? Please feel free to share. Id really love to hear from you.

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