5 Ultimate Tips to Increase your Adsense Earning

Adsense is the best option to make money while blogging. And Adsense is the best Ad network and the  most trusted network to earn money using their blog. But, earning more money revenue from Adsense is so tough that too especially for the new bloggers who are waiting for their  first payout. In Adsense, you need $100 to make a checkout to your bank account. But, making $100 for the first time on Adsense is so tough and it’s not so easy. Getting your first check from Adsense will make you mad on money! 

5 Ultimate Tips to Increase your Adsense Earning

While, the Pro Bloggers earns over thousands of dollars daily. They are the best motivation for the new bloggers. What is the secret behind their earning success? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Among those things,  the main reasons is their blog traffic and their ad placements on their websites. You can also earn like them if you’re ready to follow the 5 Most Important Tips to Increase Adsense Earnings.

Ads at the Top

Adding the Adsense Ads at the top of the page is an good idea for increasing the Adsense revenue. Users can easily see these top placed ads and if there is a match with their interests. If so  they will will click your ads if you’re lucky. It is better to place an ad block on the left top and one at the bottom of the your blog post. This can attract all of your blog readers to click your ads. If you have still any doubts, then you can check this article about Placing the Adsense Ads in Right place to place ads for Increasing the Adsense Earnings.

About the Traffic

Traffic is the second thing needed to increase your earnings. Actually, Traffic is classified into two types. One is Organic Traffic i.e users coming to your site through search engines and more are listed under this type. The another type of traffic is Inorganic traffic, i.e users coming to your site via Facebook, Twitter are by referrak are listed under this group.
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Among these types, Organic traffic is the best and the needed one for increasing  your blog earning. Because, readers who are listed under this group  are the most who click the Adsense ads according to some statics. So, my best advice for you to start increasing the organic traffic for your blog.

Ad Placements

Before, I told you to place your ads at the top of your page. There you can place only one ads. So, you need to place your remaing ads in other place. For adding those ads you need a better Placements. Placements is the most important thing for increasing the Adsense Revenue.
The best places to Show your ads are between the posts, left sidebar, and on the right side of header. If your ads are placed in right place then you can increase your adsense earning easily. If not so then you can’t earn more. The professional bloggers are using this method for increasing thier earnings. Even they are placing the ads inbetweent the blog post.
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If the ad placement is poor, then you can’t earn more eventhough if you have good organic traffic to your blog. So choose the best place to place your Adsense ads in your blog to increaing your earnings.

Ad Type

It is better to add image as well as text ads both in your blog posts becauseimages will get high CTR, CPC rate to your blog. So, add text ads above the blog posts and the image ads on the header and on the sidebar. This will surely increasing your blogs earnings.
Try to use responsive ads in your blog. These types of ads are approved by Google. So, there is no problem about this case. These ads will load fast. So you can it make the more impression about your ads. You can check this for Making Responsive Adsense Ads easily in blogger.

Number of Ads

Keep in mind that, the readers who are visiting your blog is to get useful information, not for advertising.  If the readers are interested in your post/article, they will spend more time on your blog. So don’t add more ads in your blog. You can add 3 Image ads and 3 Links ads. Make your blog design clean and with unique articles. This will do better for getting more clicks which results in your Adsense earnings.
Hope you like these tips. If you follow those tips then you can surely increase your blogs revenue using Adsense, even you’ll listed among the Top 5 Adsense Earners. Kindly share this article with your friends if you feel useful. If you have any doubts about this topic then you can leave those in comments below. Cheers J
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