Top 10 Professional Indian Blogs & Indian Bloggers 2014

Blogging made many people as their hobby and some for job. In India, you can find many blogs with variety of niches which are presented in different manner. Day to day new blogs are started and mostly based on blogging tips and entertainment. And while blogging, I found most of the search quires on Google is on Top Blogs in India and Indian bloggers. People are so interested to get information and eager to know about the professional blogger as they inspired them a lot.  Overall there are over 152,000,000 blogs found over the internet through out the world. According to some status, for every 1/2 seconds a new blog is created and sharing some useful things. Most of the people who are blogging as a part-time blogger and they aim to make huge money on it!

Top 10 Professional Indian Blogs & Indian Bloggers 2014

I’ve two section in this post, one is on Top 10 Blogs based on Alexa Ranks and the second thing will be on their works. There are many professional bloggers throughout the world. And in India, you might have heard about Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Imran Uddin, Varun Krishnan and more. So you guys are going to check out these bloggers who achieved with their blog and made their blog to shine till today at peak level. This post is to pay tribute to all of the hard working Pro Bloggers from India.

First I go with Alexa Rank collection then followed by an inforgraphic which contains Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014. Lets check it out,

Owner – Raghav Bhal
India Rank – 95
Global Rank – 950

Owner – Harsh Agrwal
India Rank -344
Global Rank -2609
Page Rank – 3

Owner – Varun Krishnan
Indian Rank-376
Global Rank-3937
Page Rank-3

Owner-shradha Sharma
Indian rank-403
Global Rank- 5749
Page Rank-0

Owner -Amit Agrawal
India Rank -416
Global Rank -2650
Page Rank – 6

Owner – Ashish Sinha
India Rank – 532
Global Rank -6611
Page Rank – 5

Owner- Imran Uddin
India Rank -935
Global Rank -11229
Page Rank – 3

Owner-Manisha Sharma
India Rank -922
Global Rank -11701

Owner-Nikhil Pahwa
India Rank -1010
Global Rank -10212

Owner – Srinivas Tamada
India Rank -1086
Global Rank -7241

Top 10 Bloggers Of India – Infographic

Top 10 Professional Indian Blogs & Indian Bloggers 2014
In text this infographic shares the list of top 10 professional bloggers from India follows as,
  1. Amit Agarwal
  2. Harsh Agarwal
  3. Imran Uddin
  4. Varun Krishnan
  5. Ashish Sinha
  6. Shradha Sharama
  7. Amit Bhawani
  8. Srinivas Tamada
  9. Arun Prabhudesai
  10. Kulwant Nagi

You may have noticed their income on the above infographic. Those incomes are approximate estimation with their web traffic and on other basis.


Hope this post ends up with another informative things. Hope you liked this post and inforgraphic on this topic and the content provided on it. In term of respecting these bloggers please do shares and like this post. Share your thoughts in comments below and let us know what you think about these blogs and bloggers via comments. If you’re trying to be like them, then Don’t Give till you succeed on it! Cheers;) 
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