Top 3 Apps for a New Writer or Editor

Technology has changed the face of the workforce and has even opened an online platform for people to find work and communicate with potential clients from around the world. With the surge of companies on the Internet, many remote workers find work to edit or write from home. This comes with many benefits, but people who want to succeed in their field should check out these three apps.

Apps for a New Writer


If you took the great features of the leading apps for writers and editors and rolled them into one, you would get ProWritingAid. This app can be accessed through a desktop or the Internet. It performs editing tasks beyond what you would expect from a computer program.

The feedback offered does cover the basic suggestions of a spelling and grammar checker. However, the app also gives you thousands of suggestions to edit your writing style. This will help improve your writing abilities as you learn from the suggestions.

If you are creating your own work, originality is important. ProWritingAid also has a plagiarism checker on the paid version, which ensures you have not accidentally copied any of your source information.


For serious writers who want to thoroughly plan their latest novel, Scrivener is the ideal tool. It has the advantage over traditional software of being a comprehensive tool that involves every step of the writing process. It is more than what is offered through Google Docs or Word, because you can easily take notes, carry out research, and do editing within the app, in addition to writing your masterpiece.

Something else that sets Scrivener apart is its functionality as both a desktop app and an iOS app. This means that Apple-product users that like to write on the go can have their writing with them wherever they go. This means never missing out on inspiration again.

Editors will also find it useful because it helps organize your projects. You can see them conveniently displayed on the homepage and easily switch between tasks, keeping you focused on what is in front of you.


YWriter is designed for use by writers. However, it also makes for a useful editing software, especially for projects with high word counts. This is not a spelling and grammar checker, but it helps you organize your work. It keeps a handy navigation pane that is organized according to chapter. You can create tables to organize scenes in the book and track daily changes. This is useful should you decide to revert to an older version of your story.

Editors will also love the easy navigation and daily log of work. Since you can drag and drop scenes, you can quickly organize how you see fit. You can also track information about the different scenes or sections of whatever you are editing. This means less time copying and pasting and more time analyzing the work. As an added bonus, this particular software is currently free to use.

Though the online market has opened new doors for employment, it has also opened new doors for competitors. When you are looking to become a writer or seeking online editor jobs, it is increasingly important that you set yourself apart. By using these apps, you can improve your abilities and ensure you are producing the highest quality content. This will help you establish a solid reputation and build working client relationships for the future.

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