Top 5 Live Wallpaper for Android Mobiles

It is the world of Android’s.And many of them are using Android mobiles.In that mobile the Screen or Desktop is the attractive one.Many of them want to keep there desktop Nature.For that I decided to write an Article about the Top 5 Wallpaper for your Android Mobile.You can download it from Google play for free.The Download Link is also given bellow after every Screen Paper.Lets see which one is the Best Wallpaper for Android Mobiles,

Top 5 Wallpaper For Android Mobile’s:- 

1) Shake Them All ! :-

Shake Them all is an Live Wallpaper which was use by millions of peoples.This makes your mobile Live and Cool.In this the Android will falling in your Android Mobile.It will produce sound etc.,You can download it from Google Play.Click Here to Go.

2) Stick Man:-

This is also one of the best Live Wallpaper for your Android mobile.Many of them like’s stick man.For them this is an good news.You can Download it from Google Play.Click Here to Go.

3) Kisses Neon:-

This will give kiss to your Android Mobile.It will give kiss in an colorful manner.This is not an freeware.If you use this for free means it will show some ads.So avoid to use free version.You can download it from Google Play.Click Here to go.  

4) Koi Live Wallpaper:-

You can feed this Koi by tapping the Screen.This is an Live scene which very funny and so interesting for the people who like fish.You can Download it from Google Play.Click Here to go.

5) Purrapy Fluffy Live Wallpaper:-

If you like cats,Tigers use can use this Live Wallpaper.Use it and know the things.You can Download it from  Google Play.Click Here to go.
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