Top 5 Software Company you should consider in 2018

A software development requires a well-organized and well-balanced team with both experienced and new team members. A well-designed software has the potential to boost your business with more efficiency. In this article, we will discuss Top software development company to consider in 2018.

Top 5 best Software Companies to consider in 2018

  1. Softeq –

Back in 1997, Softeq was founded in Houston, Texas. It is a full cycle software development company with three major specializations: Advanced Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Embedded Software. Softeq team consists of about 150 designers, engineers, and other professionals. The average project experience of the professionals is of eight years. Softeq was announced as one of the best Java developers in 2015. Some of the software development services offered by Softeq are Advanced Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Embedded Software, Game Development, Software Prototyping, Apps and Data Integration, Maintenance and Support, UI and Front-End Development, Dedicated Teams. Some of the renowned clients of Softeq are HP, SanDisk, Canon, Epson, Samsung, and Coca Cola.

  1. Prismetric –

In 2008, Prismetric was founded. Prismetric offers its clients complete web and mobile development services. The company has clients all over the world. However, most clients are from UK, US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and some European countries. The software development company has the following specializations: Mobile App, CRM, Web Solutions, and Business Intelligence solutions. Currently, the company has over 60 engineers, developers, industry consultants, project managers and other professionals. They offer high quality service at a very reasonable rate. The project is carried on a hassle free environment with advanced infrastructure. Client privacy is also maintained with due respect to intellectual property rights. Some of the software development services offered by Prismetric are Mobile Game Development, Mobile Application Development, Open Source Development, WordPress Development, PHP Web Development, Joomla Development, Magento Development, Development, Microsoft Development, Dot Net.Nuke Development, Silverlight Development, Sharepoint Development, Business Intelligence Development, and CRM Customization. Some of the major clients of the company are PIT Fitness, Chase, and Accenture.

  1. Intridea –

Headquartered in Washington DC, Intridea is a global UX and engineering agency.  They have a variety of clients which ranges from mere startup companies to Fortune 100 companies. Intridea is known to absorb user experience and user feedback and evolve with it. Some of the software development services offered by Intridea are Data Audits, Agile Application Design and Development, Enterprise Scaled Software, E-commerce Applications & Platforms, Ruby on Rails Applications, Responsive Interfaces and many more. Some of the clients of Intridea are Bank of America, Safeway, Amazon, Verizon, and ADP

  1. Amadeus Consulting –

Amadeus Consulting is founded in 1994. The company is renowned to serve clients ranging from startup companies to Fortune 500 companies. As per their official website, Amadeus has won more than 14 awards. Some of the software development services offered by this company are consulting, app development, mobile development, and software development. Amadeus Consulting has served clients like Jacks 3D, GlobalTranz, Microsoft and Cabot Compliance.

  1. Cloudmersive –

Cloudmersive provides Cloud APIs to help accelerate your business. Headquarted in San Francisco, Cloudmersive provides advanced Deep Learning APIs for Image Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, and Natural Language Processing. Cloudmersive also provides advanced business APIs for validating email addresses, phone numbers, and converting documents of all types to PDF. Cloudmersive technology can be used in the Cloud, or deployed on-premise, and serves customers located around the world in a wide array of industries.


To be very honest, there are many software development companies which are offering the best services in 2018; we have selected five best software companies out of them.

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