5 Tips for Speed Up your Android Mobiles

Android is the best OS which was used by millions of people.But many devices are working slowly.This problem is for majority of the people in this world.So, I decided to write an Article about speeding up the Android Devices for free.Follow my steps and speed up your Android Mobile.Let’s see the method for speeding the Android Device,

Method to Speed Up the Android mobiles:-

Uninstall Unwanted Apps:-

The main problem in many mobile is Unwanted apps.Because it will slow down your mobile speed.And it will also reduces your mobile space.Hence it is an advisable to have minimum number of apps in your Android Mobile.Follow this method which is very useful.

Minimum Number of Widgets:-

For running the Widgets on your mobile it will takes more free memory that means consume more RAM memory.So don’t use many widgets on your android mobile.You can check out the number of running widgets by going to Settings > Application > Running Service .Check it and remove unwanted widgets and speed up your Android Mobile.

Don’t Use Task Killer in Automatic Mode:-

This will also reduces your mobile speed.So my advice is to don’t use any Task Killer in automatic mode in your Android Mobile.Follow this method and speed up your Android Mobiles for free.

Move Files&Apps from SD card to Internal Memory:-

Don’t hesitate to move apps from SD to Internal memory.This is real case.For running an apps from the SD card it will consumes more memory and energy.But for running an apps from the Internal memory reduces more amount of memory that result in speed up for your Android Mobiles.Follow this method and speed up your Android Mobile.

Use an Low Memory Wallpaper:-

Use only low memory wallpaper for your mobile desktop.This will also speed up your Android mobile.By using this the Processor of your mobile woks more active and consume less memory.Try this method also for speed up your Android Mobile.
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