Top 5 Tools For Speed Up Your PC

This Article is about maintaining the computer.These tips make your computer faster and safer.The main problem in the computer is safety while working with computer.So only I decided  to write an Article about maintaining the PC in safer manner.Let’s have a look about my tips.,

Don’t Allow:- 

While you starting the computer don’t allow any software’s to run.This will spoil your PC speed.You can run the required or necessary software at the start up.You can stop it by running start and type msconfig and go to the list of the software’s.There you can find many option including Reject or Select a Software.Select the particular software and save it.This will helps to speed up your computer.

Delete Unwanted Files:- 

Delete Unwanted files from your computer.After uninstalling any software some files are left in the computer for proper function.Delete it from your computer that increase space for your computer and speed up the RAM and work of the Hardware.These files have no use.So delete and make your computer safer.

System Security:-

For this you want to use the best anti-virus for your computer to protect from any malware,virus attack.So use the best antivirus .Use only the orginal antivirus don’t use any free version or trial version which will not give full support.Download the antivirus software from the Official Wesbite.

Don’t Install Unwanted software’s:-

This point will speed up more.Don’t install any unwanted software in your PC.Which will decreases the speed of your PC.And some time cause Virus.By installing it computer space reduced and results in slow speed.So don’t use it.


Don’t keep any big files in your desktop or in C drive.Which includes Games,some unwanted apps,etc., which will slow down your computer will start up.
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  1. George

    very useful tips

  2. Johnson Samuel

    Your article was so nice.Can you give me the best antivirus software.

  3. very useful things …….

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  4. very useful things …….

    i need some best apps for S60v5 phones plzzz

  5. very useful things …….

    i need some best apps for S60v5 phones plzzz

  6. very useful things …….

    i need some best apps for S60v5 phones plzzz

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