Top 8 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2018

The world we are living in today has so much sophistication that has majorly been contributed by the ever-changing technology.

Every year marks the beginning of new technology advancements like the introduction of social share URL for wide circulation of messages on different social media platforms.

Do you feel like technology is pacing a little too fast for you? This question necessitates this post, to share in-depth insights on 8 mind-blowing social media trends to definitely watch out for in 2018:

Social Media Trends

Instagram stories

Instagram is obviously a very popular social media platform, and this year it just got bigger.

Instagram story is a new trend that has overtaken the other platforms like SnapChat after introduction.

An added advantage is that accounts with over 10,000 followers can now add a link within the feature, which is a big deal because links were not easy to integrate on Instagram, except on your profile page.

Messaging platforms for business

Communication has never been this swift, especially for companies.

Messaging platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, and even telegram have been made accessible and convenient for use by businesses so that email and phone calls are not to be relied on for instant messaging.

High engagements through chatbots

Whatever everyone is chasing that informs the technological improvements today is speed in real time, so that things can be done instantly regardless of factors like distance.

People now use social media platforms to create real-time engagements like chatbots, which is a new trend slowly gaining popularity, especially in the business sector.

Platforms like Facebook are at the forefront with the use of chatbots technology, and reports show that businesses are increasingly being produced with the use of this technology.

Live streaming

This trend is blooming especially for it’s integration in close to all highly interactive platforms like facebook and instagram.

instead of counting on pretty recorded videos, this new trend gives audiences of a realer feel and tangible experience with you. It is also possible to keep count on not only the total number of views, but more importantly the actively on site viwers with a feed on their real time feedbacks.

Evolution of influencer marketing

Even though influencer marketing is a trend that had picked up in the previous years, this year it it booming to a whole new level.

The new generation is quickly making it’s way into social media, and with newer methods of navigating through the new improvements of technology, these young people are kicking off successful careers as influencer marketers.

Even with competition with celebrities and macro influencer, most businesses have a preference for micro influencers who study shows are more aggressive and productive in marketing. This is definitely a trend to pick up on for your business.

Enhancements and filters from reality

Many people would give anything to have an epitome of the kind of life they fantasize, even if short-lived. Social media platforms are loaded up with enhacement features for images and pictures, and even for voice.

The level of advancement is so high that the filters respond to motion and interactions in real-time, even during live streams, and reality has never been this good.

Social listening tools

This sounds creepy and invasive of privacy, but it is a social media trends that cannot be overlooked.

Have you ever talked about something among your peers and closely after seen an ad or post that more or less tends to be a response to you? It is no coincidence, but rather a marketing trend to fit your needs.

Well, that is social listening for you. Technology has made way for businesses to secretly track the conversations we have amongst ourselves that revolve around specific phrases, words or even brands.

High brand involvement

For most businesses, high involvement and participation on social media was highly unlikely for the longest period now, but not this year.

Businesses are rising up to the challenge by actively responding not only to their customers’ professional needs, but also to their social ones.

This trend is gaining more muscle with big brands in the forefront, without shying away from humor or critiscm. It is definitely a big trend to pick up on.

It is impossible to say that the previous years have not been great in matters improving the user experience for people on social media, but this year has yielded even more improvements.  Amazing, right? As you look forward to better years, you should definitely try out all these new trends and be current with what the world is up to.

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