Top profitable businesses that require less than INR 10000 investments in INDIA!

Many potential entrepreneurs who indeed have a raw latent talent and innovative business ideas do not take up entrepreneurship due to the struggle of financing the thought. When they abandon themselves from the so called ‘struggle’ they don’t realize at all that they are giving away a dream that might not have only sustained in the market in near future but also have pulled a handful of unemployed.

The 21st century is practically a high time to realize that ideas bring people and peoples bring market. In other words, a well structured idea has no monetary value. If we take a look at the world’s biggest entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates (those who can literally build pyramids with notes) they have not started from the top of the ladder. Indeed, Microsoft was created 2 years after Bill Gates decided to drop college and on the other hand, Facebook was created from a dorm room in Harvard at minimal cost. The one and only reason that we are stressing on remarkable entrepreneurship stories is because that almost all of them convey a similar message and that is that one and only one great idea is the most crucial step to create a game changer business and nothing else. If you structure the plan well, you will be able to build a company of your own at the minimal costs possible and get one of the highest possible returns from it.

Start a Business in India with Rs. 10000

Let us start with a quotation by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” In this article, we will name a few business categories which can be launched at an investment of less than INR 10000 but which possesses the potential to bring a higher return. However, please note that we will only name a handful of fields where you can invest but the plan and structure of the investment is solely your duty. Let us now start with our list.

Start small and go big with a well structured business plan:

Top 9 profitable businesses that require less than INR 10000 investments:

  1. Mobile recharge shop –

Mobile Recharge shop

Telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. As per recent trends, there is an increase in the number of people recharging their handsets online from some site or mobile wallet but still, a big number of people travel to local mobile recharge shops for the sake of getting a better understanding of the plans and in turn, recharge from there. Moreover, there are indeed some exposures of a mobile recharge shop beyond just mobile recharges. For example, you can also do DTH, Electricity, Data card, and Landline recharge. Further, owning a Laptop/desktop and having an associated printer with it will also take care of earning by printing. A high speed internet connection will also take care of the customers (specifically school and college students) who need to download some file from the internet on an urgent basis. Last, but not the least, if you can locate your shop in the right place, you will be able to boost your sales and profit. To enjoy the optimum profit, you have to tie up with the telecommunication companies and share some sales profit with them and in turn get higher commission rates. To be honest, you might also have to employ 2-3 people to meet the demand.

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  1. Cafeteria –

small cafeteria

Today, a lot goes in favor of demonstration effect. All you need is a big room. Simply decorate it with designer eyes and make it a cafeteria. You will be earning in recurring due to the GST. Just make sure, there is no compromise in terms of quality of food. If you are able to locate it in a posh area, you can also set the rates high and enjoy higher benefits. On the other hand, you can also locate your store in a busy sophisticated working class locality (with plenty schools, colleges and offices), though it will require competitive rates your sales will never be stable.

  1. Fruit juice kiosk –

Fruit juice kiosk

All you require is a mere room and a mixture machine. If you can locate the fruit juice kiosk in the right place then you can earn some real profit squeezing juice from the mixture!

  1. Tuition center –

Tuition center

Most literate school or college pass out of this generation starts earning from tuitions. What about turning it into a business in literal terms? After all, when someone of 19 years is teaching, her aim is not to make a successful scholar out of his student but indeed to earn some money for herself. Simply, all you require is a room/s. Rent it to teachers and set a strict time guidance scheduled for each and earn recurring income from them either in lump sum or on student head count basis.

  1. Ghost writing –

Ghost writing

It requires almost no investments, unlike other counterparts. However, you should have a high speed internet connection associated with your desktop or laptop and you should have the time and dedication to complete projects within deadline.

  1. Advertising campaign developer –

Advertising campaign developer

Just like ghost writing, all you need to invest here is your time. It is also an online based business. Most corporate advertising firms outsource their campaign developments in order to reduce pressure and break the standard patterns. Having a website of your will help, but that requires a nominal investment. Otherwise, there are always random clients out there.

  1. Junk jewelery –

Junk jewelery shop

Most people would have roamed the streets naked had there been jewelry only made of silver, gold, and diamond, thanks to junk jewelry as it does not bore a hole in the pocket like the real ones! The trend of use of junk jewelry is from ancient times. If you buy raw materials in bulk and give color to your constructive designs then this might indeed be a very profitable business. Proper marketing will boost your business.

  1. Social media strategist –

Social media strategist

A proper definition of this is not required because there is so much to tell. The range of this job solely depends upon the requirement of the client. This business is best for someone who has a creative yet innovative idea of marketing and knows the tools of social media pretty well.

  1. Fashion designing –

Fashion designing

Today, in the age of specialization, you don’t have to own thousands of cloth pieces start with fashion designing, nor you need a tailoring machine at all. You can simply start everything with a computer, ie. Digital designing! In short, all you have to do is get started with your idea. You can simply start with selling your digital designs. Of course, there is a bigger exposure with real cloth work, but you can extend to that once you generate some investable income from digital designing.


There are numerous such fields which might lead to a profitable business, and we have mentioned only a handful of them. In almost every case, all you need is a big room to start your business and there are some home based works were you invest time. Time comes with a greater opportunity cost so think well before leaping. And the advice for those requiring a physical room is constitute a well structured ‘rational’ plan first which includes not only your gains but also your costs such as buying raw materials, paying tax, paying rent, paying employees. We hope you will be able to utilize some of the ideas mentioned in this article to start your business with a low investment and we hope a well return from it in advance.

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