Top things you didn’t know you could do with PDF

File editing formats are good for one thing: editing files. If you have something to edit in terms of text and imagery, you use a format like PDF and that’s about the extent of their use, right? Wrong! Many people use their PDF software without knowing that they could be achieving a lot more than they actually are. What this means is that there are probably many things you aren’t aware that the PDF format can do. Want to see how you can pull off some cool tricks with soda pdf or whatever PDF software you’re using? Give the rest of this article a look and you’ll be surprised.


Convert Word files to PDF

If you generally use PDF but are forced to deal with Word files once in a while or quite often, you might have wished more than once that there was a way to turn Word files into PDF instantly. Well, guess what? You can totally do that with the PDF format. You can easily convert Word files into PDF thus giving you access to the entire catalogue of features and options that naturally come with PDF documents. It’s a neat trick that everyone should use. Unfortunately, not enough people know about this one and end up re-writing entire documents from Word to PDF.

Convert to JPG

PDF files are generally a mix between text and imagery, but lean more towards their text nature. However, some people might be interested in seeing a specific PDF document become more of a picture with text than a text with pictures. This can be done easily by converting the PDF document to JPG. This is possible and it allows you to turn your entire PDF document into a JPG image which lets you edit and manipulate it as you would any other JPG image. It can really come in handy in some situations.

View PDFs online

Another cool thing about the PDF format that can’t really be replicated with any other one is the fact that PDF documents can be viewed online. You can even edit them online, which is even cooler. Sometimes you might want to access a PDF file from a foreign computer where you don’t have all your fancy personal PDF software tools. That doesn’t mean that you need to wait until you get home. You can use the Google Chrome browser for instance to easily open a PDF file, which makes it extremely convenient for anyone that wants to use a PDF file.

Save web pages as PDF files

Since we’ve already gone through the compatibility available between web browsers and the PDF format, this one might come as less of a surprise but a cool thing to discover nonetheless. If you want to save a web page for later or even to view online, you can save it as a PDF file. This offers you the opportunity to save a specific iteration of a website as the information available at the time of saving is what you can open anytime later.

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