Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name [ location and Operator ] India

Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name [ location and Operator ] India


This post is about “Trace Mobile Number With Owner Name” : Since India is the second largest country in terms of population, it also has the second largest telecommunication system and there are more than 929.37 million mobile phone users throughout India as per the reference of 2012. This article will help you to find the owner name of a mobile phone, location, operator of a mobile number within India.

There are many online sites that helps you to trace the mobile number, Sim number tracker, Mobile tracker with name and address but al most all the sites restrict you to find the owner of the mobile phone. Is there really a website that reveals the name of owner too? After some research, I found that there is actually a site where you can see the name of the mobile number including the map location. Thus this online tool helps you to Trace mobile number with owner name and address.

Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name [ location and Operator ] India

Trace the number of any mobile number in India.

So, your wait to findout the location and the owner of the mobile phone is almost over. I’m going to explain all that in a detailed manner in the following steps.

Steps to trace the owner name (How to trace a unknown indian mobile phone number):

1. Goto truecaller site and enter the country and mobile number.

Trace mobile number via trucaller 12. Click on the search button and loging with any of the social networkikng sites.

Trace mobile number via trucaller 1

3.It displays the owner name of the mobile number you asked for.

This made me curious and I entered another mobile number. I thought it could trace as the contact was from one of my social networking friends. Now I tried with a number which is not related to person from any of the social networking sites. I got the name of owner with a different location, but the name of owner is absolutely right!

How it is done?

This is very simple. When any user installs the truecaller app, it scans all the contacts and saves in its directory. When any user like you and me searches, it fetches from its database and provides to us.

Steps to unlist from Truecaller:

  1. Goto TruecallerUnlistTrace mobile number via trucaller 1
  2. Select your country and type your number
  3. Select the unlist option and your number gets unlisted from the directories of Truecaller.

How to trace the location of an operator(Trace mobile number with address)?

Al though Truecaller can trace the location, it can not trace the exact location.  You can see my second trail in the article. It displayed the owner, but not the location. To findout the exact location, goto India On A Page.

It is very simple.

  1. Goto IndiaOnAPage.
  2. Enter your mobile number and enter search. You are done!

Some more Website and Services to trace phone with owner name:-

Hope you like our article on “Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name [ location and Operator ] India“, if you still have any query or question about “Trace mobile number and owner name” then feel free to ask us via below comment box. Also don’t forget to share this article on social media with your friends and family.

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  1. Hello Harshit !
    True caller is very good at revealing the name of whosoever is calling you and it also has a feature of showing you the name of the person whom you want to call. I have been using it sonce I got my smartphone..

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  2. Akshay Salecha

    Hey Harshit thank you for the help.. successfully trace the phone number with address.


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