Travelling to Dhanaulti is so easier these days- Come and Find out How!

Everybody looks for a place to relax when it comes to enjoying a holiday. When it comes to the sweltering heat of the summer days, you always look for a cool and calm place to go to. If you are a city dweller, then it is but natural for you to want to go somewhere quite and serene, where you will not be troubled by the hustle bustle of daily life.

Travelling to Dhanaulti

One question which has been bothering many tourists off late is that wherever they go they are troubled by the presence of too many tourists who undoubtedly crowd the area. So, these days what tourists are looking for is a quiet and preferably a less known area.

Taking this matter into consideration an ideal place to visit this summer would be Dhanaulti. Located in Uttarakhand, this hill station is station just a few kilometres from Mussoorie. Mussoorie is a very popular tourist hill station, bustling with travellers throughout the year. Since many people travel to Mussorrie and Dhanaulti is located just 24 KMs away from there, when it comes to the question of how to reach Dhanaulti one need not worry too much.  

Travelling to Dhanaulti while saving time and money 

Every holiday involves both the expenditure of time and money. Tourists who wish to travel to Dhanaulti are often plagued by transport problems. This is one of the disadvantages of a remote and not that well known tourist destination. There are no trains which travel to Dhanaulti directly. The railway station that is closest to it is the Dehradun station. Located a distance of 66 KMs from Dehradun, one can get off here, and then travel to Dhanaulti by bus or train. Train is the best solution when it comes to a problem of how to reach Dhanaulti.

However the lack of direct trains to this hill-station has not affected Dhanaulti Tourism in any way. If you want to spend less time and do not mind spending a good amount of money, you can reach Dhanaulti by air. Jolly Grant, which is an airport, 24 Kms away from Dehradun has flights coming from around the country. You can get off here, take a car and travel to Dhanaulti. If you want other viable options when wondering how to reach Dhanaulti, you can take a bus or travel to this hill station by a car. The drive to Dhanaulti takes about nine hours or so from the capital, being located at a distance of 202 miles from Delhi.

The cheapest of all the above mentioned options is definitely a travel by the train. A trip from Delhi to Dehradun in a daily train will not charge you more than Rs. 200. Pocket friendly travelling cost has also contributed in making Dhanaulti tourism develop more.

Being located very near to some important tourist destinations like Chamba (29 KMs), Rishikesh (142KM), Dehradun (70 KM) and Haridwar (130 KM) travelling to Dhanaulti is a cake wake these days. The easiest option, both by air or train is to travel to Dehradun and then take the road to Dhanaulti from there.

Now, that you know how to reach Dhanaulti, pack your bags and get ready to experience the solitude of Dhanaulti tourism. Get More detail about Dhanaulti Tourism, How To reach Dhanaulti, Hotels in Uttarakhand, Places To See In Uttarakhand .

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