12 Tricky GOOGLE Searches to be Checked by Google Lovers!

As everyone knew, Google is the best Search Engine in the World. Because of its user interface and user friendly search result most of the people are depending on it. Google also stands 1st in Alexa ranking too! Google is obtaining this position by improving it search results to the users satisfaction. Many bloggers and online marketers go for Google search engine though it has many tricky and hidden searches. So now what’s new in this post? If you ask this question, my answer will be YES!, today i will share some trick google image search, trick google voice & some awsome Google Search tricks.

Google search tricks

Many internet users are using Google, but they may not be aware of some Google searches tricks and hidden features. It may includes you too, I’m right or not? Its upon your decision. So this post is gonna too share some freaky and tricky Google Search Tricks. You will call these tricks after checking them out as funny because while using this trick it will makes you feel happy at least you will be smile on it 🙂


Do you wanna to have a smile? Then take a look below,

Top Rated FUNNY GOOGLE Search Tricks

Google Gravity

If there is no gravity, then everything around & including us will fly. Likewise apply this simple concept in Google Page. If you do so, Google Search Logo, Search buttons, and every link and apps will be leviating in the air. This for sure! That’s why this trick is mean to be Google Gravity. Those elements which are flying can swing too! So You can throw them from place to another like playing with snow balls. You can make them puch with each other and have fun on it. Check Google Gravity


elgooG is the funniest thing I like on Google Search trick collections. It will give some surprise for those who check this trick for the first time. What the elgooG looks like? Can anyone guess it? Its the descending order of GOOGLE! Found it? Yes! So Google Search results and all the contents will shown in descending order. That’s the only thing with this trick. Check elgooG


You can find Tilt options on our mobile, it just rotating the our screen. Likewise this trick will make the Google search page to tilt. You can try Google Tilt trick.

Rainbow Google

As the name implies, this trick allows the Google to get complete look like Rainbow with some additional effect. It will be seen while searching too, while typing some words in search box too you will get some colorful effects. Try Google Rainbow trick.

Google Logo Dancing

You can make the Google Logo to dance like a small baby.I’m not kidding, even you can make a try on it 😉 Try Google Logo Dancing trick.

Change Google logo with Your Name

This is my favourite trick on this list as it will allows the users to replace the Google Logo with any name. You can choose font style. After choosing everything just click the create my search engine button. That’s it! Try Google Logo Changer Trick 😉

Google Dark

Google Drak make your Google search engine page background as black which is nothing but dark. Check Google Dark trick…

Google Moon

As the name implies, Google Moon trick makes everyone to visit the Moon from your home that too with your tech gadgets. Its works just like Google Map interface and with its features. Here the Apollo series is also included. Visit the Moon now without spending any bucks now with Google Moon.

Google Mental Plex

Do you have experience by hypnotizing others with image..? If not try this Google MentalPlex where you can see a rotating hypnotizing image. If you look on it for a few seconds without any diviation and click on the circle. Then see the magic in the result page 😛

Try Google Mental Plex now!

Google Barrel Roll

Rock and Roll 😉 This tricks make you feel happy by rotating and rolling the Google search page in clockwise direction. Do wannt to rotate Google search result page..? Then check here.

Google Pacman

Do wanna spend time by playing online games? Then go for this trick, you can play Pacman game. On controls, you can use arrow keys and keyboard for directional controls. Hope everyone knows how to play Pacman game 😉 Wanna to Play Google Pacman? Then go here

Hope you got a little smile on your face 😉 Do you feel that I’ve missed any Google Tricks here, then make us to know by droping a comment on it! Now whats up? Share this article with your friends and do likes on it! Always be Happy! Cheers;)

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