Tweets your Messages in Google Apps using TinyGmail

If your are using Google Apps email and trying to tweet your message. Here’s a new plugin called TinyGmail that creates tweets from your Google Apps. You can tweet your message by using this new apps from your Google Apps. By using this TinyGmail you can share tips as soon as they reach your inbox. TinyGmail grabs the subject of your message. After doing this it will shorten your link which finds in the body of the email and after this process it will allow you to tweet it together. This is somewhat pretty and cool !

Tweets your Messages in Google Apps using TinyGmail
[image source : TinyGmail ]

There is an main feature, TinyGmail is capable to take the domain URL who send the email to you and with that it will find that company’s Twitter account and then displays the latest tweet from there also. It will also allows you to retweet it. TinyGmail is really a good application for people who are having some business. Because they will lot of email to their inbox daily. They are trying to share in on twitter. But for sharing it all at once it take long time. So for them this TinyGmail will surely help them. TinyGmail is a freeware app for Google Apps.

For install first you need to install the app for your domain. And this will enable the functionality in your Google Apps. Please share this with your twitter followers. This app will surely save some times for business peoples.  For more details please check it out their official website []. Start adding it to your Google Apps

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