How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget on Blogger Blogs

Social networking sites are ruling the internet communication and it is being more need in the field of Blogging sectors.  More audience can be redirected to your blogs and websites, just by sharing one link of your blog. This makes awesome! So the developers are also offering Social Buttons and which can let your readers to make share of your posts and they help you to grow faster in blogging field. As the social networking legends like Facebook and Twitter also need to all bloggers. As the users are huge in these sites, the more shares will let you more traffic. Do you need to increase your blog traffic using Social Medias? Then try this one!

How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget on Blogger Blogs

Twitter is a well known social networking site used by many millions of peoples. So this can help you to increase your blog traffic. All you need here is just the followers for your brand/blogs. If you’ve more than 1000+ then you can promote your blog easily to all around the world. So you can integrate various plugins for getting more followers. As like that there are also many plugins available which can be integrated to your blog/website for gaining  more traffic. It include Twitter Feed box which is a famous widget for blogger. This article will share about integrating it in your blogger blogs with simple steps.

What is Twitter Feeds Widget?

It’s an official widget for websites developed by Twitter. This can increase the numbers if followers and with more traffic. The main work of this widget is to display the most recent tweets of your blogs/websites. This widget is designed with follower button at the top which can grab your readers to follow your twitter account while they click it! Another best part of this widget is, its tweeting feature added at the below. Anyone can tweet your posts without leaving that page. They are allowed to make their favourite posts, re-tweet the posts and to reply to any of your blogs. Cool ah!

How to Create Twitter Feeds Widget?

Step 1:  Go To Twitter Widget Page and add your Username.

Step 2: Then do some customization by checking the options as you like and go ahead.

How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget on Blogger Blogs

Step 3: Now give your own custom size for your widget or use the default size (600px).

Step 4: Then color your widget by choosing the theme color.

Step 5: Take a live preview of your new widget at the preview section and if you’re not satisfied with it change the widget once again.

How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget on Blogger Blogs

Step 6: Once everything was finished, click  “Create widget” button and it’s generates some coding.

Step 7: Just Copy the codes & Save changes.

We’ve successfully created a brand new Twitter Feed Widget. Now it’s time to add it in your blogs/websites. The below part will guide you above adding Twitter Feed widget in Blogger.

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget in Blogger?

Step 1: Go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget

Step 2: Then Choose HTML/JavaScript

Step 3: Now just Paste the Code which you copied while creating the widget.

Step 4: Once everything was finished, Click the Save button.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed Twitter Feed Widget in you Blogger blog.  How is looking on your blog? Share your thoughts in comments below! If you’re facing any problem then drop them in comments! Kindly do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us grow! Happy blogging

Check out the Tutorial Video:

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