Use Keepass, to Remember all your Passwords and to Track them Safely

Remembering passwords is an big task. If is so simple to remember a single password, but this case can’t be applied for everything. Some people find difficult  to remember different passwords which they used for signing websites like social network, survey, shopping and more. But using different password for every site is an good idea! But, remembering all passwords is considered to an difficult task. I’ve seen most of the people forgetting their passwords and tried to recover them.

Use Keepass, to Remember all your Passwords and to Track them Safely

Now I’m here with an awesome tweak for remembering all your passwords. I googled this topic and I’ve found an best tool for saving all your password with high level security. The tool was named as Keepass, for saving all your passwords safely.

What is Keepass password manager?

Keepass is an awesome tool for saving all your passwords safely and with high security. This is an freeware password manager which allows you to manage all your passwords in a single database by locking with an master password. So, with the help of an single password, it’s possible to retrieve all your big passwords.

Whether, Keepass is Safe for work?

For my point of view and according to it’s reviews, it is cent percent safe to safe all your passwords there. This tools works under secure encryption algorithms called as AES and Twofish database. So it is not easy to hack into your keepass saved passwords.

Here in his article you can find the methods to keep tracking your passwords using keepass password manager. Just follow them and keep your passwords safe…

Step 1: Download and install Keepass in your system.

Step 2:  Then run it, and click File >> New and give a name for your account database.

Step 3: Then add your master password that means single main password for all your passwords that you’re going to save in keepass database.

Step 4: Now configure your account with name and descriptions and by choosing your encryption type.

Step 5: Once everything was finished, save your password in your database and be happy:-)
Well hope you guys will like this awesome tool as well as this article. Surely this tool will be so helpful for those people’s who have many accounts. Kindly share this article with all your friends and do some likes.

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