Use Keyboard as Mouse using Numeric Keypad [How to]

Are you waiting for a new interesting trick, which most of the users are still not aware? We’ve learnt that Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, etc. are the Hardware parts of a Computer. Do you have ever thought about using Keyboard as Mouse..? When your mouse is having some failure problems you need to find an alternative solution for it. So this method can be used as an alternative for Keyboard or as an awesome trick to have fun with your friends. Are you interested in knowing this trick?

Use Keyboard as Mouse using Numeric Keypad

 After using Mouse for long time, using keyboard as mouse will not give you same experiences as before. But this trick can solve your problem when your mouse has some issues or in urgent situation. So, here this article will describe about the procedure about Using Keyboard as Mouse.  This method is executed by using Number keys found on Keyboard. This method will not harm your system, if you follow the steps given below without missing anyone.

How to Transform your Keyboard into Mouse

Step 1: By PressingALT + LEFT SHIFT + NUMLOCK keys, you’ll see a dialogue box after few seconds.
Use Keyboard as Mouse using Numeric Keypad [How to]

Step 2: Now, Click “Yes” for changing your Keyboard into real mouse. That’s it!

Hope you’ve successfully changed your keyboard into mouse without any issues. Now it’s time to learn how to use keyboard as mouse, take a look over below for better instruction…

How to Use Keyboard as Mouse using Numpad

As I said before, for controlling Mouse via Keyboard using numpad. We’re not going to use all number keys, perhaps only few keys which are mentioned below.

#1: So for moving the Cursor, Press “5“ which act as Left Mouse Button.

#2: Then Press “*“ and “  5 “ for making as Right clicks.

#3: For using, “5“ as left mouse button again then Press “/“ Key.

#4:  Now, press ”0” for navigating your mouse Pointer to Select Text.

#5:  For Speeding & Slowing down the speed of cursor, Hold Ctrl key for a while.

How to disable this function

Step 1: Press ALT + LEFT SHIFT + NUMLOCK, for disabling this awesome function.

Step 2: That’s it dudes!!

Hope this article will be useful for you guys, if it so kindly share this article with your friends and do some likes. If you’re facing any issues while processing this method then share it in comments below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and experience in comments we’re welcoming all your feedbacks. Have some funJ
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