How Useful Is Amazon Pay Wallet?

There are some E-wallets that we have been having from quite a long time, we are even getting some wallets which are new, and from different brands. Every brand wants their wallet so they can offer some cash backs directly in the wallet with which the customer will be bound to purchase again from their website. Amazon is also doing the same; they came up with the Amazon Pay thing which is an e-wallet again. Whenever there is some refund generated we get as the Amazon Pay Balance, and even during some offers, it’s the same form.

amazon pay

Today we will be discussing about how we can use the Amazon Balance, because even if we purchase something via the Pay Balance which we load in the Wallet. We will get some discounts and different exclusive offers. Let us start with the steps to load the money in Amazon Pay Wallet:

  • Open the Amazon Pay Wallet
  • Click on “Add Balance”
  • Enter the amount you need to fill the wallet with
  • Click on Continue to checkout

These were some easy to go steps which can help you to fill in the Balance in the Amazon Pay. Do note that virtual or prepaid cards are not supported to purchase the gift cards.

amazon pay

If you have some amount in Amazon Pay Wallet then you can easily transfer those to your regular bank account, so what is the use and why will one keep the number in an e-wallet. So let us also discuss the benefits of Amazon Pay Balance in the wallet.

  • We can shop whenever we want; we don’t need to have our credit cards with us.
  • Amazon Pay is not only available on Amazon, but even with the partner websites.
  • We will get refunds much faster because here there is no bank transfer involved.

There is also some offer which is currently running with Amazon Pay. If you are using the Amazon Pay Wallet for the first time, you can easily get cash back of 250 INR. If you open the wallet with 300 INR or more, then you will get cash back on 25% of the amount you added, this will only be valid with the very first transfer as the Pay Balance.

The Amazon Pay Wallet is quite useful for the reason because currently, it’s just a single offer running, but in future, we are sure that Amazon will keep on running some such offers which can result in some great deals to the customers. You can always keep the Pay Balance loaded, so you can have some profits such as you don’t need to check your wallet before transaction if you have some amount charged, and it will help you with some urgent buying of things.

There is also another offer running with Amazon with the Amazon Pay Balance. If you recharge your prepaid mobile number on Amazon and pay the amount with the Pay Balance which you have in the wallet, then you will get a 100% cash back just up to 50INR. You can even get 20% of money back, but    this will be for the subsequent recharges. These are some great offer which Amazon is proposing to encourage people to keep some Pay Balance.

Hope this article did help you to understand the basics of the Amazon Pay Balance. Do let us know if you will be using the Wallet for future transactions.

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