Best Useful Extensions for Google Chrome Browser – Download it!

Google Chrome is certainly the most effective browser out there. And one in every of the foremost vital reasons of chrome’s success is its immense type of apps and extensions. You can get all types of extension from Web store for free. Developers are creating new extension with different knowledge and with new feature. And those extensions are very useful to the users.Here, in this article I’m going to share some best useful extension for Google Chrome.

Best Useful Extensions for Google Chrome Browser - Download it!

For the Google Chrome the Extensions  are so useful. You can get many lots and lots of extension for this browser. Extension area unit further options and practicality that you just will simply augment Google Chrome. They run within the Chrome browser and supply further practicality. I have just simply listed them according to their user reviews and downloads. You can also download those extension from here by clicking the link.


This tools was so popular in Chrome extension web store. The main advantage of this tool is to Blocks all ads which was displayed on all website and make your browsing speed.

Hover Zoom 

This tool will let you to enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. You can even see the small images in big size.

Google Dictionary

This tool will be so useful for the people who are making reaseach. By using this tool you can view definitions easily as you browse the web. It is like dictionary.

Google Mail Checker 

By using this extension it will displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. So it save some time.


This tool will allow you to boosts and proxies page content for you. By using this tool you can even visit the blocked websites.

Google +1 Button 

By using this extension it is easy to share the content to Google Plus. You can share any content, anywhere you go on the internet.

FVD Video Downloader

And this is an awesome tool for Google Chrome. This toll will let you to download videos from any page (except YouTube). Download MP3 music and flash games as well.

Capture & Annotate 

This tool will let you to Capture the whole page or any portion and annotate with it. This tool will be so useful for bloggers. Cool!!

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